Sunday morning musings

So now that I'm away from my home computer, I have some time to catch up with my reading! And news! And let out a few tiny insignificant opinions.  Perhaps I'll do it Grumpy Elf style.

- I finally saw Jasyla weighing into the females in computer games - I have always found her immensely influential, though a little intimidating (I think that's partly awe-struck though having met her in game and IRL).

- Glad they fixed that Finnish Hearthstone tournament.  Imagine not having females at all, or male and female d!  Computer games do not need gender divisions, though I do agree that physical sports need them because there are sex-based differences in strength and height, but dexterity and intellectual competitions should have no gender discrimination or segregation.

- I had to laugh when Anoukisse said she liked the transition cinematic between Immerseus and the Fallen Protectors.  It was only last week or the week before that I got to activate the button that brings on that cinematic FOR THE FIRST TIME (and only a month or two before that I was informed that there was a button thing to activate it).  I was pretty excited about that - ah the simple things that bring me joy LOL!  I think most of my guildies know THAT particular cinematic often sets me off on a swearing bout (which has become a bit of a regular joke) because I'm usually in the middle of loot distribution and it interrupts me.

- I got a Heroes of the Storm Alpha and I played a little bit but I do like the skins you can put on the characters. I feel guilty with these Alpha invites because I really don't have time to test and play them and feedback. But it is fun to play with the skins.  Like Captain America Raynor, Kaijo Diablo and Countess Kerrigan, King Kandy Muradin. I may not like playing dress ups with dolls and toys but I do like playing dress ups with my computer characters...

- Rob Pardo is leaving Blizzard - he announced it in forums a few days ago.  I did not know who he was until I went to Blizzcon. And then there was that MIT media lab talk that set the social media on fire with widespread disapproval of his comments.  There's been a heap of speculation about why he's leaving but really only he knows why! It does interest me when people say "Well he's been at the same company for 17 years, it's probably time he moved on", I find that such a huge difference to how I think of work.  Doctors spend ages setting down their roots and setting up their practice, getting a referral base - going and having a new start and turning your back on your old one seems like massive step backwards, but in company circles that is what everyone does (or so my sister, who works in corporate world, tells me).  Also, perhaps he was affected by the comments and just had jack of it.  I noted he said he would like to sit down and work on his hearthstone deck - perhaps he wants to just sit back and enjoy the games he helped create, rather than see the deep and ugly side of them!  Anyway, enough speculation, I wish him well in his future endeavours.  There are heaps of people at Blizzard who are super enthusiastic about the company and games, and there will be plenty of people to fill his shoes, and the games we play will still go on being awesome!

- I did not do anything during Midsummer Festival.  How lazy was that.  Probably because I got my scythe already and the pet.  But I do feel a little bit guilty not participating in the World Event.

- Which reminds me, I need to get find myself that rare Qiraji Guardling.


  1. go check the chess rankings out, they should have gender divisions women just can't keep up sadly.

    1. It's a little disappointing but i don't think they should be divided... I do wonder what it would be like watching only females playing ina tournament though! But that's sexist and not inclusive to the guys.


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