See, nothing to worry about Mythic!

I saw this tweet and it made me VERY happy!

This is a bit reassuring in that if we can PuG Mythic SoO cross realm to get our 20 then we will be able to still raid.  I had resigned to just doing normals after prepatch, or maybe playing my alts or something.  But now, I am sure we will be able to backfill with friends whose guilds stopped raiding before expansion.  I'm feeling very positive about this whole thing!

In other news Dragonray was wondering if we could start a casual raid group that raids once a week.  I put it up in the Guild Message of the Day, but there's only so many characters you can put in it.  I actually can't remember what I wrote... it had something like "Expressions of interest for normal SoO 1/week"

"What does the GMoTD mean?" asked Luxy.
"Oh, it's a raid for alts just once a week. I ran out of characters."  I rewrote the message, adding "PST" to it.

"Who do I send PST to?" asked Luxy.
"Me! Not obvious enough?"

Jazz said in guild "Who do I send a PST to?"
Nath said "PST who?"

"OMG EVERYONE'S A CRITIC!" I yelled in guild chat.

Luxy gave some advice on making it more succinct and taking out non essential words, and Crooked asked if I had little experience with texting.

So now it reads:
 "PST Navi if interested in SoO norms on Sundays (2nd gp)"

Much better!  I did tell everyone that if they were interested in it, they had to pst me coconuts

There has been a lot of interest, actually!  Lots of alts showed interest, but it's mainly a raid for the casuals with the alts to fill in as needed. Dragonray, Lominari, Drauka, Kahrax, Crooked, Dontmountme, Haevela, Cptsars are the mains who would like to go (I wonder if Daeneirys would like to go too but her gear really is very low) but that doesn't leave much room for alts!  I guess it really depends on who else wants to go but they'll definitely need some tanks! We laughed because there were SO MANY SHAMANS in the raid!

I scheduled it for this Sunday to run for 3 hours 730-1030.  See how much they can get done!  Fingers crossed that they all get along well and there's no dramas! Sometimes it feels like if Mummy isn't there, the kids will fight!