Raiding - Great raid days building up to a great weekend

It's felt like a long time since we had a decent Wednesday clean run.  By that I mean a run where we didn't just keep dying to Immerseus or Iron Juggernaut or Dark Shamans like we sometimes do.

Asys is out of game time. He's had a lot of expenditure at the moment and his subs have lapsed and he said he'd pick them up again when he had cash. So that meant he was out.  Tensai told me last week that he had bad news - he was starting Tafe soon and he would be at school from 12-8pm.  So he said he wouldn't be able to make raid, but that wouldn't be for a month or so.

So, in the meantime, I had a think about what we had.  I've got 2 healers with Dontmountme (shaman) and Daeneirys (priest), and I thought I would give Dontmountme a trial run in heroic with the first 2 bosses which are easy.  Tacky was also online and said he would like to help, but I was worried because Tacky gets stressed when he feels like he's doing badly, and he's not always online at raid time.  Dontmountme has been on every day at raid time (on some alt or another) and had done Garrosh with us (on Tuesday) with Sars (and both of them got the achievement, woot).  So I had prewarned him that I was thinking about it and told him earlier in the day, just in case Tensai wasn't on.

I decided to sit out and watch from afar, and Dontmountme went with Morz and Tensai.  How we do Immerseus was not how Fatboss do it, so that threw him, but to his credit, he didn't die.  And, would you believe it, his FIRST heroic boss kill, and his FIRST coin roll - he gets a heroic warforged Seal of Eternal Sorrow!  What luck! Then I sent him in for Protectors as well, and with me and Morz showing him the ropes it wasn't a particularly stressful fight.  Though, I am thinking that it's almost time we 2 healed it because we ALMOST don't need that third cooldown for Inferno strike. But it makes life easier and allows us to gear up extras.

Then I was sat out for Norushen and we brought Drauka in for his first look at heroic.  Then I was back for Sha and Galakras and Iron Juggernaut.  OH MY GOD we actually one shot Iron Juggernaut but it was not the cleanest kill but that meant we weren't stuck all night on him!  Yay!!!

Dark Shamans time, and this wasn't a one shot (and it was also Tensai's first time there) and we died but our next go was much better!  Tensai said that it was different to how his brother's guild did it (and his brother was watching over his shoulder), but then again, not many people do it our way anyway!

(A friend's guild split from 25 into 10s for a few weeks, and they were saying that they only had one disc priest so Dark Shamans was going to be ugly.. but you don't need a disc priest if you have destro lock and DK doing Kardris outside if the lock has a symbiosis - they can heal themselves and the 2 heals can be inside the room!  They said the way we do it is stupid - but hey, it works!)

Nazgrim was quick and easy and it was the best clear we had done in one night for ages!  Which made me excited because it meant we would have some good goes at Thok - maybe even get some time in on Thursday!

So Thursday came round and while everyone was groaning about Malkorok, I was groaning about Spoils.  But I said when I logged on "I am not going to be GOOD at Spoils today!" fully intending to be alert and not play like a spazz and amazingly we one shot both of them which meant PLENTY of time for Thok!

I thought for a change I'd use Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity for mana regen and see how that went, and mana was good for me in Thok.  It was actually not too bad, and we were getting through the first phase well (need to try harder to push it further - now that we're trying 2 tanking we can go a bit longer) and we even killed bats a few times and got into another roaring phase.  The best we got to was 23% but that was a sketchy one and I remember that attempt the Yeti ran over Jazz, me and Aza and I was like OOOOWWWW!!!

We even played sillybuggers at the end of the raid... here is a video for you to see our silliness!

I've just realised that the problem with subbing in all these guys for heroics is that it stuffs up the Sunday run!  I'd better make sure I limit it to early bosses or something so they can maximise their loot chances and run chances for the later bosses.  And Dragonray will get poopy at me if I poach people from the group - though maybe it's a good thing so that it will pull numbers down!

Looking forward to meeting up in Melbourne with my Frostwolves guildies this weekend!!!


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