Raiding: Even the smallest can eat a giant dinosaur one bite at a time

I'm not sure how we're ever going to have time to practice Thok unless we do some extended time on him.

With Tuesdays now the "clear" day, we actually can't extend the raid on Wednesday to have a go at doing Thok before we decide to reset.  Might have to allocate a certain day for that, or do clears every other week.  I thought that perhaps an hour on Thok when we're all fresh would be good.

We made a little bit of progress yesterday on Thok as in we killed the bats!  But it felt like such a struggle to get there.  We're still persisting with our 2 healing.

I think I was a bit rusty for spoils. Having not played for a few days, I think that I wasn't playing well.  The first few wipes on spoils were on my side and I died, or Jazz died, or Hk died. I got a bit snappy at Aza (which I apologised for) when he asked why we weren't playing well, are we in the wrong spec, wrong gear... anyway, I felt like throwing it in and getting someone else to heal because I was feeling poopy about it. But I gritted my teeth and tried harder and then we were getting through...but the other side had issues too!  They may not be dying, but when they were on Mogu side, they couldn't kill stuff fast enough (though we had that happen once as well).  I hate Mogu side.  BUT the good thing was that Exray and I BOTH got things we needed (I got a neck, and Exray got a belt) and so we were happy.  Need to check if people still need loot from Spoils so maybe we can just dump doing it on heroic and do it normal to speed things up (would be nice to do that for Malk but Nath still needs stuff! Oh and dump IJ as well, except Sev needs something I think!!!)

But tiny steps on Thok.  A few more tiny steps... and we'll get there. Fingers crossed!!


  1. Thok is a huge step up in difficulty from the previous bosses, if you are already getting through bats (which is by far the hardest part imo) you'll down it in no time! And 2 healing is definitely possible, if you got past bats with 2, you can do everything else with 2 for sure.

    1. OMG Tahur you managed to comment :D
      Thanks for the encouragement :D I am looking forward to putting my BEST game face on this week!

  2. I'm curious about what the raid thought about the step down - I would have thought that the idea of losing out on OMG Heroic Warforged might have been enough to stop them?

    1. They keep saying that for Immerseus and I keep saying STOP WITH THE HEROIC WF STUFF already! I mean they actually ROLL trying to get warforged heroic stuff! Gosh! We did skip Protectors for ages until the last month or so, but my personal "convert to normal" bosses in order would be 1-IJ 2-Spoils 3-Immerseus (but I don't mind Immerseus really, I think only IJ and spoils are the crappy ones)


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