PvP - What I thought would be a dud week turned out to be an awesome one

With the weekend written off because we had our guild meetup, I thought that I wasn't going to get much PvP in.  Though I actually had a good start to the week, unbeknownst to myself.

Virper (Medio) wanted to cap his conquest on his hunter and asked me to do some on Tuesday which I thought was the end of last week.  Originally he wanted me to do 3s with him and Riptyde but I refused because I wanted to keep my 3s and play with Sev until I hit the magic 1750 - after which I didn't care about my rating because I thought it would be rather cool if we got it together.  He did agree to do 2s though.  It turned out that while we were playing Conquest had just reset and so we ended up doing a bunch of games which gave me extra conquest.  Yay!

Then on Wednesday last week after raid Sev and I did a few games with Memfus and we just had some stellar games.  Memfus opened his big mouth and said "one more good game like that and I'll hit 1750!"  Sev and I groaned, knowing that you should never say things like that and sure enough, the losing streak began. There was a mage, warrior, resto druid team that we came up against a few times, and the poor guys were smashed by us every time.  That druid was OOMing very quickly too.  Then we came up against that comp again, and we thought it was that team but it was a different one and they played VERY differently, and very well.  They were all about CC whilst the warrior smashed down someone.  Sev was heavily cc'd and the druid had plenty of mana as Sev couldn't CC anyone.  They whittled us down and killed us and I was pretty impressed - it was one of those games where we would have to break their CC chain with our own one.

I even got to do some RBGs with Luxy!  She does always ask me because she knows I love to RBG and usually I am in arena when she asks but the times I wasn't I got in and got a few games.  On Monday night she asked me straight after raid and I was ready to go because Sev had sat out for last night's normal raid.  I tried to call him later but he didn't answer the phone.

It was a one win (Silvershard) and one loss (WSG or Twin Peaks, I forget) so I was happy just to be playing but the group disbanded after the loss and Luxy went afk for a bit.  I had rung Sev to get on and RBG but he didn't answer the phone.  Whilst I was standing around in Org (alt tabbed browsing recruitment forums), I saw someone asking for a healer for RBGs.  I sent him a tell, and there was a long pause - I thought maybe they had a resto druid already.  I got the invite and when I went into the group, guess who was in the group LOL - Memfus!  So immediately I felt at ease because someone I knew was in the group.  It turned out this group was kinda serious - they were looking at people's health and achievements before they let them in, which was probably what took them so long to invite me.

We had a decent start with Temple and a win, then went again with another Temple which went well and another win. Then we hit up Twin Peaks and that was awful - the other team capped us 0-3.  We had a guardian druid from Tichondrius and I admit I was surprised she was female because in RBGs it's usually the healers and ranged who are the girls.  She was good to heal though and the paladin who was healing her was having a rough time (though it was more because the opposing team was focussing him) and I would have to try to step in (but the same thing would happen to me).  They had a warrior who REALLY hit like a truck... man I was struggling to keep away from him!

I was going to go to bed after that, but the leader said he would do one more game and Memfus (who was going to go to bed too) said to me "C'mon Navi, one more!" and so we did one more and it was a Silvershard and we won that pretty comfortably too.  Except, as a healer that BG is horrible because you just get smashed all the time - nowhere to hide and you have to stay out in plain sight all the time (hit me hit me, I'm here and I'm squishy, hit me!).  There was a lot of criticism about the healing but none of the healers could get out.  I remember when I was with Luxy earlier in the evening she went DPS and I think next time I should do that because I felt really useless!  But I had a great week in PvP and even pushed my conquest cap up so I can spend more and buy some feral PvP gear.  Oh, and I felt really stupid the other week - I did not know that once I hit 27k Conquest I can use honour to buy 550 gear.  I had been sitting around honour capped for weeks and I could have been gearing up my feral! Well, now I'm right onto it and picking up my feral gear so hopefully before long I can practice some feral in BGs and maybe get a killing blow or two!


  1. Sorry Nav - was up last night, but didn't hear the phone ringing. Glad to hear the run went well anyway. :)

    1. It would have been fun with you there! Memfus prolly has a big head now because the RBG leader kept saying how amazing he was with DPS/KB/CC etc...


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