Minipost: Raiding - Trying to 2 heal Thok is HORRIBLE

Raid moved a little slowly this week - can't remember if we were having issues on Immerseus or what, but by Monday we still had Spoils to do before we did Thok.  Asys was lagging so he said he wouldn't raid today so that left us with 2 heals because Tensai wasn't on.  Man I was doing a crappy job on spoils - I think all our attempts were because of deaths on my side!  Eventually we got it... and then it was on to Thok.  So we just bashed away at 2 healing it because we had no choice.

I watched a video the other day of a resto shaman and resto druid 2 healing heroic Thok and the numbers they pushed out were AMAZING!  I was nowhere near those numbers and I felt rather poop.

I tried a lot of things. I tried using treants, I tried SotF for a fast tranquility, but I've settled on treeform for the instant heals during that Phase 1.  One other thing which is frustrating me is that for this fight I've had to glyph my Wild Mushroom to be manually placed rather than on a person which is hard when I'm busy trying to throw all my instants out - it really does take me 3 seconds to orient myself to get the mushroom placed again (coz there's so much shit going on filling my screen).

We decided that 15 roars was all we could cope with as we were 1 tanking as well.  We had one decent attempt where we all lived through Phase 1 but then we dropped off heavily in phase 2.  I feel we need one decent full night attempt on it to get through the damn thing.

Balkoth told me it would be impossible.  I'm going to do my darnedest to prove him wrong.


  1. That shattering sound was my heart. You broke it.

    But good luck anyway!

    1. I have to try! If I get it will you be whole again? :)

    2. I don't know...these wounds may take decades to heal.

    3. Need more zinc in your diet Balkoth....


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