Frostwolves Melbourne Meetup

A couple of months ago Aza said "Navi, when are we going to have a Frostwolves guild meetup in Melbourne??"

"Next time I go to Melbourne we'll meet up, Az," I promised him. I didn't know when that would be.

Not long after, Jazz and Nath said they would be in Melbourne.  I asked them when, and they said that it was the weekend of 12-13 July.  They were visiting Nath's sister and it was also Nath's birthday.  So I decided THAT would be a good weekend to get down to Melbourne.  It was also the last weekend of school holidays - and hubby and kids wanted to come as well.

So, I started organising and telling people about guild meetup.  I didn't know anywhere that was good to go except Crown Casino because I was looking for somewhere that was easy to get to, easy to park or get public transport, and also had some restaurant/cafe where they wouldn't mind us lingering or turning up in dribs and drabs instead of a set time.  A cafe seemed like a good choice, and so I set Cafe Baci as the location.

And we had a lot of people turn up!  Morz even said he would come from the far west of Australia, and HK and myself would fly from Sydney.  Sev flew there from Canberra, and a few of our Melbourne guildies went too.  Dragonray and Lominari, Sabrehawk, Voros and Zeirah (who has an alt in our guild) also came - Sabre had his sons and they were on the way to the footy - but it was a great turnout and it was fun to catch up. Dragonray and Zeirah both had surprises for me - Dragonray gave me this awesome T-shirt which had "Overlord Naviwugs" with a Frostwolves paw on it (she was wearing one with Scouting pack on it) and Zeirah gave me a druid badge which I put on my top.  Yes, I wore my dorky Navimie shirt with my name and blog emblazoned on the back so people could recognise me.

It was a lunch full of nerd talk and WoW talk and I hope nobody was uncomfortable!  They all seemed to chat well and everyone was at ease.  Yes, we all called each other by our toon names - and we have always been fine with that :D

And I was teased about the amount that I eat.  Yes I was grazing all through lunch.  And even after everyone had finished their lunch.  Tauren portions, you know :P  Even though I might be more goblin sized.

Left side: Lushnek (my son on his lap), Morz, Sev, Lom
Right side: Navimie, Zeirah, Dragonray, Aza
Morz, Nath, Jazz, Sev, Navi
Navi and Voros, Navi and Sabre
And then those of us who were staying at the Holiday Inn went out for dinner afterwards.  All the "fancy" places were booked out in Crown, so Dragonray and Lom recommended Red Spice Road on McKillop Lane, so we headed out there for dinner. Brrrr it was chilly outside as we walked there!  We sat in the Courtyard which was toasty and warm thanks to being undercover and with heaters. Here are some images of their restaurant from the website:

I can't help myself, I have to take pictures of our food! Here's what we ate listed from top to bottom
  • Slow cooked the fried lamb ribs with Apple eggplant radish
  • Beef Cheek slow cooked in Soy, Rice Vinegar and Star Anise with Choy and Herbs
  • Crispy Duck with stir-fried Gailan, Baby Corn, Wild Ginger and Chilli Paste
  • Lamb Shank Sour Southern Curry with Roasted Banana Chilli
  • Fried Tofu wok-tossed with Mushrooms, Choy, Green Onions, and Chilli Bean Soy
  • Pork Belly with Apple Slaw, Chilli Caramel and Black Vinegar
  • Rabbit Pad Kaphrao – Minced Rabbit stir-fried with Basil, Chilli, Snake Beans and Corn

Then we lazed away the evening bumming around in Sev's room ordering room service and watching movies. Did you know that that hotel televisons have special remote controls (as in no input select buttons) as well as no USB inputs so you can't hook up your own stuff to watch?  Luckily HK managed to bypass that with one of the apps on your phone that can turn your phone into a TV remote, and we watched some stuff he had on his computer. Heh.

On Sunday most of us are headed home (except Morz who will be going back on Monday) and we're going to do the Aquarium (did think about Zoo but it's too cold for wandering around the zoo).  Thanks for a great weekend Frosties!  See you all online tonight!

Edit: Ooh Dragonray and Zeirah wrote about our meetup!


  1. Look at all of those guildies!

    1. It was a good turnout! I was a bit worried because Kahrax wanted to come but his dad was not keen and he didn't turn up. Luckily we jumped on guild chat in mobile armory and he was online which at least meant he wasn't lost!

  2. yay Lom I have the same shirt!

    1. Jazz needs one now for the shadow priest trifecta! Wish you could have made it faith!

  3. This was a great day and I'm so glad I got to meet you and all the Frosties. Red spice looks amazing, some where I'll have to try one day for sure. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you again today at the Aquariam but my budget wasn't quite stretchy enough to fit that in this week. Anyway I had an amazing time, thanks so much for including me in the meet up.

    1. So happy you came! I know it must have been a bit nerve wracking coz you didn't know many people but hopefully that will change after yesterday! So great to meet you IRL!

  4. well it looks like everyone had a blast. love the Tshirts lol nice touch, and hello from Brae and Aurii lol its a long way to go for us to visit lol :) hugs to all

  5. glad everyone had fun , looked like a blast love the Tshirts hehe a little buit far for us to visit :)
    all the best from Brae and Aurii

  6. It was awesome to catch up with all the guildies and put faces to names (well character names). I wish I could of stayed longer...we missed the first quarter but it was damn cold at the "G". Let me know if there any future catch ups as I love being a nerd..:)


    1. Oh I'm sorry you missed part of your game! Don't you worry Sabre, if we have Melbourne meetups there will always be lots of notice to all Victorians! Glad you could make it :D

  7. Blessing in disguise. Watched 3 quarters in the rain and freezing cold instead of 4:). You helped me out.


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