Frostwolves Bedtime Story Strats - General Nazgrim

"I have a new story!" I said to my daughter excitedly, as I climbed into bed.

"Is it a made up one?"

"It's a World of Warcraft one.  It's not really made up, because this is the story of what Mummy and her friends did in the game."

My daughter pouted.  "Awww.  I wanted a made up one."

I rolled my eyes.  "OK, I won't tell you this World of Warcraft story today then."

"NO NO WAIT!" she yelled, clutching my arm, her eyes wide.  "I want to hear it."

I smirked at my daughter, and gave her a cuddle.  "Yay, that makes me happy when you want to listen to mummy's World of Warcraft stories!  Mummy LOVES talking about World of Warcraft."

"OK," said my daughter, snuggling under the covers.  "But after this can we have a made up story?"

"Oh ALL RIGHT," I moaned, in a mock display of disgust.


The first time I could remember seeing Nazgrim was when he was Legionnaire Nazgrim and he was giving me quests to do in Vashj'ir - which is a big ocean world that is full of scary monsters and big whirlpools!

"Like in Little Mermaid?"

"Yes, except there aren't so many scary monsters in Little Mermaid."

When Nazgrim was sailing there he got stuck because his boat crashed because of a Kraken, which is like a giant Octopus that squished the ship!  Then mummy had to spend lots of time helping him try to escape, and eventually we did.  When Nazgrim came back, Garrosh was really proud of him and made him a General and then sent him to Pandaria, where all the Pandas live... and to try and get there before the Alliance got there and do you know what happened to him?

"No? What?"

"He crashed his boat AGAIN!  He was fighting with the Alliance, the bad guys, and they crashed their ships and got stuck on Pandaria.  Nazgrim and the Alliance fought again, and all their anger, hatred and bad feelings made a big Sha come out of the ground and it BLEW up the beautiful jade dragon statue that the Pandas loved so much!  Nazgrim nearly died, but when he got better, he got everything ready for when Warchief Garrosh himself was going to come to Pandaria, and help get all the special objects so that Garrosh could become stronger and more powerful.

Then Garrosh sent General Nazgrim back to Orgrimmar, to stop the Troll rebellion, and that's when he started fighting against us (because we went to help the Trolls, because what Garrosh was doing to them wasn't right!).  Garrosh was bad, but Nazgrim was a good soldier and had to follow his leader, and so he started fighting against us.  I was sad - we were friends for years, and now we had to fight him!  After we beat the Big Bad Scorpion Robot, Nazgrim ran downstairs, deep into the ground to try to protect Garrosh, and stop us from getting to him.

Gif from Moonwarden's Nazgrim guide
General Nazgrim had lots of soldiers protecting him, and they did lots of different things.  There were warriors called Ironblades who would spin around in circles doing a bladestorm, and that would hurt if you were standing next to them.  Then there were Arcweavers who used magic and put a magic burn on the ground that you had to move out of.  There were also Warshamans who healed all the bad people, including General Nazgrim...

"Like Aunty Luxy?"

"Well, not like Aunty Luxy because she doesn't just do healing. More like Uncle Asys, but is a baddie because they heal the baddies!"

There were Assassins who would stab you in the back and kill you, like a NINJA! And the last one they had was a Sniper who would always pick a healer and shoot at them.

Firstly we had to clear the room.  There were lots of people around in the room and we had to get rid of them all.  Uncle Aza used to get angry if people killed them before him because he needed these things called Embers so that he could do more damage.

"Why didn't he just share?"

"Uncle Aza is the only one who had embers.  He doesn't like sharing.  He should have shared them with Aunty Jazz though, she has shadow orbs from the same thing - but she can get those from outside.  We just let Uncle Aza play with them, because he has so much fun with it."

General Nazgrim hit really hard so the only people he was allowed to hit were the tanks Uncle HK and Uncle Exray.  General Nazgrim was a warrior, and he did everything like a warrior.  One thing that warriors have is rage  and General Nazgrim had lots of it.

"What's rage mean?"

"Rage means angry.  Warriors are always angry.  It makes them stronger."

So, everytime someone hit him, he got rage.  Everytime he hit the tank, he got rage.  He would do a shockwave on the ground and then an aftershock - people getting hit by the aftershock gave him rage.  Sometimes he would throw a spinning ouchie thing, called a Ravager around the room - if you got hit by THAT he got rage.

"So many things make him angry!" said my daughter.

"Yeah, heaps of things, and even a few more!"

Uncle Exray would start attacking Nazgrim first, and then Nazgrim would put a Sundering Blow on him. That sundering blow would make Uncle Exray's armour break a little bit, and if he had too many sundering blows his armour would be all broken and he would die from Nazgrim's hits!  But the other bad thing was that if Nazgrim hit you and you had too many sundering blows on you, he would get rage much much faster.  So when Uncle Exray had 3 or 4 sundering blows on him, he would swap with Uncle HK and then it was Uncle HK's turn to get hit by sundering blows.  After a little while Uncle Exray's sundering blows would be gone and he could take swap so Uncle HK could have a rest and wait for his sundering blows to go away.

Every 15 seconds he does a BIG damage to the tank!  It's called execute and the tanks had to use special abilities so they wouldn't die to it, and whoever is healing has to make sure that the tanks are healed straight after.

"I thought execute meant chop your head off?"

"Well, that's one way to execute!  This execute just means hit really hard so that you might die.  If you try to kill someone by hitting them, that's an execute."

We didn't want to make General Nazgrim too angry.  Every 15 seconds he also would use his rage to do a special attack, so we didn't want him to get too angry because he would use the biggest attack he could with the rage he had.  If he had a little bit of rage, he would do a shockwave, where he'd jump on top of you with a BIG STOMP and then long cracks would appear like fires and you couldn't stand in those fire because those are the AFTER SHOCKS, and did you know what happened if you stood in an aftershock?

"He gets angry?"

"Yes, he gets more rage!"

If he had a medium amount of rage he would put a banner down.

"What's a banner?"

"It's a flag.  When he puts down his angry flag it makes the baddies fight harder and it gives General Nazgrim more rage."


"Umm..." Now I had to think.  "You know how people have those bulls chasing them and they wave red flags at them and it makes them angry?"


OK, bad explanation.  "OK, you know how at the football everyone waves signs around to make their team win?  It's a bit like that."  Well, that's the closest explanation I could get.  My daughter seemed to accept that.

Uncle HK would always yell out "Banner!" and that meant that everyone should try to kill the banner as quick as possible.  When General Nazgrim had a lot of rage, he would do Warsong, which was a horrible song! He would yell and it would make us everyone take lots of damage which meant the healers had to use a BIG healing spell to make everyone full health again! And THEN, when General Nazgrim was FULL of rage, he would do Ravager, which is the spinning ouchie thing, and once it's out it NEVER goes away.  You can't kill it and it moves around slowly and you shouldn't get hit by it because...?

"Because... you'll die?" said my daughter questioningly.


"Because... he'll get angry?"

"Yes, because he will get heaps of rage everytime that thing hits someone!"

So we wanted to make sure we didn't make General Nazgrim too angry, because Warsong and Ravagers make it so hard for the healers to heal!  General Nazgrim would also have three stances too...

"What's a stance?"

Oh boy.  "Well, General Nazgrim would stand in 3 different ways!  When he did Battle stance, which means he stands like he's ready to fight, and when he stood like that, he would get 1 rage every second.  After 1 minute he would change to Beserker stance, which meant he stood like a CRAZY PERSON!  And when he was standing like a crazy person, he would hit harder and faster, and he didn't get the rage every 1 second anymore but everytime he did something that would give him rage, he would get twice as much rage than normal!  Then after another minute he would go into Defensive stance, where he would stand like he's defending himself and he would take less damage, but if anyone hits him, he would get lots of rage.  The only person allowed to hit him was the tank who had a sundering debuff on them - because for some reason, if they hit him, he didn't get rage from them."

"It's so much isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's a lot of things happening.  But there's even MORE things!"

"What!" exclaimed my daughter.  "More things! How can you remember more things?  My brain would be too full Mama!"

Remember how I said that General Nazgrim had lots of soldiers protecting him?  Every 45 seconds, General Nazgrim would call for 3 of those baddies to come and help him!  When they came out, whichever tank that General Nazgrim wasn't hitting would come and help move them away from everyone else.  Of all the baddies that came out, the first one they had to kill was the Warshaman.  We couldn't let it heal anyone! Everyone would interrupt the Warshaman so it couldn't cast any heals and then kill it.  Everyone had to be careful with assassins - like ninjas they would go invisible and then stab you in the back!  So you had to quickly turn around so he wouldn't hit you in the back or you'd die.  The spell making Arcweavers put a burning blue magic on people which damaged them if mama or Uncle Morz didn't take it off them, and the blue fires on the ground were easy to get away from.  But mama hated the snipers the most. Snipers always shot at the healer and the healer would have to stand at a wall and heal themselves until the sniper was dead. Most of the time mama couldn't really heal anyone else if she had the sniper on her because she was stuck to the wall and people were far away - the same for Uncle Morz.

And there was one more thing....

"Not one more!"

Yes one more thing.  Nazgrim would pick 2 people and bonecrack their head and so they kept bleeding and dying so they had to be healed until their heads were fixed!  That kept mama and Uncle Morz busy too.

So Uncle Exray started hitting Nazgrim first and make Nazgrim hit him, then he would swap with Uncle HK. Everyone was hitting Nazgrim and then Nazgrim did his big jumping thing - OH he jumped right on top of Uncle Nath!  Watch out for the fires on the ground!  Then he jumped on Mama - Mama HATED it when he jumped on her because he was so big and so LOUD!

Then the baddies came - oh no!  The assassin was hitting Uncle Aza!  Everyone was busy killing the Warshaman and there was an Ironblade spinning around and around and Uncle Sev and Uncle Nath were shooting him as well as killing the Warshaman.  Phew!  They all were dying, and then Nazgrim went into Beserker stance.  Uh oh, Aunty Luxy and Uncle Nath both had the Bonecracker and mama can't reach them!  Mama yelled to Uncle Morz to heal them and went back to healing Uncle HK and Uncle Exray.

"Banner!" yelled Uncle HK and everyone killed the banner and then more baddies came.  OH NO SNIPER!

"I've got sniper!" said Uncle Morz and he stood against the wall so the sniper would only shoot him and not shoot everyone else.  Mama gave him a healing mushroom and tried to run around healing everyone else whilst they killed the other baddies.  Another banner!  Everyone was still killing the baddies and not killing the banner and uh oh... Nazgrim got really angry!

"WARSONG!"  Ouch our ears! Everyone died by almost half!  Mama had to use her magic healing stars and Uncle Morz went to fix Uncle HK who was hitting Nazgrim.  Now Nazgrim was going into defensive stance.

"Nobody hit Nazgrim!" yelled Uncle HK, and everyone made sure all the baddies when they came out were dead.  This time the sniper was on mama but it died really quickly so she didn't get hurt too much.  More stomping and another round of baddies came out, but they died quickly and then Nazgrim was back in Battle stance again.

"OK, hit Nazgrim!" said Uncle Exray and Uncle HK was busy moving the baddies away from Nazgrim so they wouldn't heal him.  No sniper this time, but the assassin nearly killed Aunty Jazz!  She forgot to turn and face him so he stabbed her in the back but Uncle Nath and Aunty Luxy saved her by pushing the assassin back and then shooting him to death. Phew! Lucky she had a healing bubble on her!

Nazgrim was going into Beserker stance now, and he was still stomping and making banners.  Everyone was hitting him hard because we didn't want to run out of time.  Baddies were still coming and we hadn't killed them all yet...

"Should we use bloodlust now?  Or wait?" said Uncle Exray.

"Wait," said Uncle Aza.  "Kill all these baddies first!"  Nazgrim's health was getting low and now he was in defensive stance again and nobody could hit him.  But once he got really low then he made 6 baddies come and by then everyone wouldn't have time to kill the baddies anymore, it was time to kill Nazgrim.  Uncle Exray went to get all the baddies and Aunty Luxy used bloodlust and everyone started hitting Nazgrim really hard and really fast.  So much damage!  Mama and Uncle Morz were so busy - Sniper on Mama and she was trying to heal Uncle HK at the same time and Uncle Morz was also putting bubble shields and heals on people too... OH NO Aunty Jazz has a bonecracked head again and she's dying!!  Oh no she died!

But luckily, nobody else died and soon, Nazgrim was beaten.  When Nazgrim was lying there on the ground, and he said to us:

"Ah... you have learned much... and learned well... an honorable battle.  I die... with honor... Lok'tar Ogar... In the end, I stood by the warchief, because it was my duty, and I am glad that it was you who struck me down. May your strength... lead the horde... into a new era of prosperity..."

"And then he died?"

"And then he died.  The first time we killed him, I was sad!  He was our friend.  I didn't want to kill our friend."

"What does Locked door ogar mean?"

I laughed.  "Lok'tar Ogar means 'Victory or Death' in the Orc language."

"Why did he say that?"

"Because General Nazgrim was an orc, a true orc. Orcs believe in fighting for honour, for victory, and to die from fighting for them means it's a very great thing.  General Nazgrim was a true soldier, he fought for his leader and he died for his leader, trying to protect him."

"But he was bad!"

"He was following orders, like a good soldier.  It was a shame we had to kill him.  Remember how I told you he used to be our friend?  It's sad to kill your friends, even if they went bad.  Because you still remember how nice they were when they were your friend."

"But you got treasure right?"

"Yes, we got treasure.  But Nazgrim doesn't have much good treasure.  Most of the time he drops lots of weapons that nobody wants and Uncle Aza takes them and gives it to his demon to use because they look pretty."

"That's not fair for you, why did you get something?"

"One time, I got gloves.  That was all I wanted.  Ok, story is done!  Did you like it?"

"Yes. Is it time for a made up story now?"

I sighed.  "OK, how about I tell you the story about the little girl who wouldn't go to bed...."


  1. You should have added the part where evil Uncle Morz gripped Aunty Luxy into shockwave and almost killed her! Evil, evil Uncle Morz!

    1. OMG I never saw that! Naughty Uncle Morz!!

  2. I'm with your daughter on this, my brain would be too full too! I would be sad to kill him too, poor guy.

    1. So much to remember, I agree! Glad I'm just a healer and don't have to worry about DPS!

  3. How active are you of late - in regards to blogging compared to when you started WoW blogging?
    Be a sport and drop by here: Linky here - calling all bloggers
    I'm doing a writeup to see how many WoW bloggers are still "active" - if you'd be interested in a link exchange, just let me know, it'd be good for some extra pageviews ^,^

    1. Thanks for still reading - you'll probably find quite a few still active!


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