Weekend #FAFF and random WoW thoughts

It's been one of those weeks where I've been fluffing around.  Since I hit full Grievous I haven't really felt like playing arena that much (and Shab decided to stop playing again so I was a bit glum).  However, I should try to aim for a decent 3v3 rating and playing with Memfus and Sev has been good (for Sev's playstyle) and those two are way ahead of me in rating because I did some arenas with Shab and Sars for practice and that killed my rating a bit.  Not that I care that much, but it will be fun to see if I can actually get to 1700 this time!

I decided to try O-Queue again, because last time I had it it didn't work for me and I couldn't figure out why. It was about a  month later when I realised what the problem was - my battletag was full, and that's why I couldn't accept any invites or new friends.  So armed with this knowledge I tried it again, and this time, it was different because OQ made a whole bunch of changes that I needed to clean up!

One of them was that my general chatter was FILLED with OQ chat.  People looking for various things. It was frustrating - I have enough issues trying to read my guild chat and whispers and now it's being pushed off.  I seriously should consider turning the setting on to have separate chat windows so I don't keep losing conversations.  Amongst other noob things I did was trying to queue as a healer for RBGs but was passing time on Timeless Isle in feral PvE killing things.  No wonder I didn't get any invites. Luxy had to point that out to me.

I managed to get the confidence to go into some random BGs

In other news, Navijr my druid alt got to 80 and I've decided to let her be my Heralds toon.  At least I know how to play this toon!

Crooked was kind enough to do 25 man Ulduar with us (we did up to Yogg - I think he and his friend are farming for Mimiron's head so we left it after Vezax) and with both me and Lushnek trying for the same types of gear, I decided I would strictly go for healer loot and he can have the boomkin/healer loot.  I'll pick up the tank stuff, just in case I might have to tank.  I can sorta tank on a druid.
I said I could tank a bit, not drive a tank a bit!
My other alt, Miniices, who is an 80 alliance is off doing Argent Tournament dailies just so I can get some pets.  As my only alliance toon, she has the responsibility of earning my Argent Squire and getting the Guild Page and Herald on Alliance side.  I'm not sure if they count towards pets, but just in case they might... I will get them!  She'll be BEGGING me to let her go back to Major Payne's Pet challenges after a few weeks of this!

I totally forgot that a number of patches ago a whole bunch of new rares came out.  I took a few pics of some I didn't have.  I will have to keep adding them to the blog collection - and also make an effort to go search for a few of them!

And I've finally got my confidence up to play Hearthstone again.  Well that AND I wanted to get the card back. What's NOT to love about rainbows? :D


  1. Woot, congrats Navijr! Best of luck with getting your Heralds title!

    1. Hopefully some guildies will be able to go so it would be a cool guild event!


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