Warforged Nightmare Ponies for everyone!

I logged into Battle net and saw this Warforged Nightmare - I think it looks really cool!  And you can get a hitching post with it as well so everyone can ride one.  That would be cool for raid!

Not that we can ride much after we finish Dark Shamans...

But here it is, and it's rather spesh, don't you think?

I got Sars to party up with me to demonstrate the hitching post function.

And the /mountspecial is a dance on hind legs spinning in a circle. I must make a gif of that!

And it has a poser look with one foot forward with its head bent.

And it flies!  No mount specials when flying though. Poo.

Can't wait to try it out at raid tonight.  DAMN IT MORE BAG SPACE WASTED!  I wish that hitching post was stuck in the mount tab too.


  1. What great horsemanship! You'd think that heavy staff would have pulled you right off the horse, but nope!

    1. That staff has a devilishly good look to it and so does that mount, don't you think Ancient?


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