Thela's ROYGBiV Tmog challenge - Blue

In Thela's ROYGBiV Tmog challenge, June is blue, so here is my blue entry! The problem is that it looks suspiciously like Ut's transmog from that Rojak transmog competition - but that's what happens when you are using Mogit and leather!  Not that many blue sets that appeal to me.

Helm of the Blind Seer
Tunic of the Dark Hour
Brutal Gladiator's Gloves
Brutal Gladiator's Legguards
Guardian's Leather Belt
Guardian's Leather Boots
Lever of the Megantholithic Apparatus
Frostwolf Tabard

If I ever get Siegemaster Blackfuse on heroic, I would like that staff for transmog!  I was wondering if I should use the Undercity Tabard because that also had quite good blue colouring but Frostwolf has more meaning I think (gee I wonder why LOL)!  The good thing is this set is quite attainable, so I should try and work on it.  Though I may have to work with another weapon for a while - the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune is not a bad choice!


  1. This set looks gorgeous! I've always liked those shoulders a lot, and love the rest you've picked to go with it. :)


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