Thank Goodness I have friends who can tell me these things...

Yesterday I was having a bit of a sulk because we were trying to do Flex and then we had a massive disconnection and logging in issue, as well as wipes on Blackfuse because people were playing weird - an hour went past andwe did not achieve any kills and spent lots of time being unable to login to our toons.  So I called the raid, and was unable to get Navi out of SoO because it kept putting her back IN there when I hearthed for some stupid bizarre reason, so I played alts and Auction House a bit (I know I know, who am I, and what have I done with the real Navimie!)

An hour later things seemed to have resolved and I was flying around on Navimie again. Luxy whispered me "Why won't you have a Golden Cloud Serpent?"

"I chose the Jade one when I finished my Cloud Serpent rep," I replied.  "I can't be bothered levelling up any other 90s to get the others."

"You can buy the other ones..."


"Umm, yeah, I have them all."

So off I went to have a look.  Oh, I really can buy the others.  Oops.  I didn't realise that.

But Luxy hadn't finished.  "WHAT? You don't have a spectral wolf?"

Oh dear.  What was that from?  "Uhh..."

"You like PvP!  It's from Tol Barad!"

Ohh.  I forgot.  I had been saving my TB tokens to buy the Fox Kit, way back when.  After Ancient gave it to me I had stopped doing my TB dailies.  Oh, I had 240 tokens!  I guess I could buy the Wolf.  So of I went to get the mount.

"Wait you don't have the other mount either?" gasped Luxy.

"Umm... no?  And I don't have enough tokens now..." I said lamely.  I could just imagine Luxy shaking her head at me.

You know, that left me with 199 mounts.  And I knew there was one more mount that I had been really lazy to buy.  I'd better go get it before Luxy told me I didn't have it.

"I guess I should go get that red drake from Wyrmrest!  That will bring me to 200!"

"Umm, why don't you have that already??"

"I was too cheap to buy it - that was a lot of money back in the day..."


Ok, it was 1400g.  Maybe not that expensive these days....

So off I went to get my mount.

Yay!  Mount Parade!

Oh, and I guess that means another pic of another mount... that I'll never use.  I feel a bit guilty - all these pretty mounts, and I never use them.


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    1. What are you making those faces for...!

  2. Congrats on your latest achievement.

  3. That's what friends are for, eh? Congrats on the pretty new mounts and achievement :D

    1. Friends are also for telling you all the stupid things you do... /grin
      Lucky I seem to have no shortage of people telling me how many stupid things I do... :P

  4. Congratulations! I know, all those pretty rides and us Druids just use flight form. Every once in a while I try to remember to bring some out and sit on them, lol.

    1. I feel a bit guilty, poor neglected mounts. They will sit around and get fat and get no exercise.

  5. Grats :) That's a ton of mount, well done :)

  6. Grats on the achieve and mounts! At least when they added account wide mounts I used some of the ones I'd earned on my druid over the years on my other characters. I was so close to mount parade. If only I had gotten that Garrosh kill.

    1. Thanks Cain! Hey, you still have time to do a Garrosh kill :)


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