Raiding - Progressing on Spoils

We were ready for Spoils again, and this time we had 6 mainspec DPS (though Asys did a good job last time). So we had Aimei, myself, Sev, Nath and Jazz on one side, and Exray, Lushen, Aza, Luxy and Morz on the other.  I was pretty excited to have a whole day to try it.

It was NOT happening.  My side weren't getting the stuff down in time!  We had managed to do it once on Thursday, and then died as we ran into the Mantid room.  But this time round, a few of our attempts I didn't have that beautiful water buff to kill statues and sparks with, much to my disappointment.  In the end we had to do some team shuffling and swapped warlocks.

It didn't really go that much better - Nath died and we were overrun with statues!  Aza said we should cleave the adds down, but I had no idea how that was going to happen - the statues run away from melee (which is only Aimei) and you're supposed to get away from them but when I'm trying to hit them with water I have to stand a bit close because otherwise I'm out of range of Aimei!  And he did die a few times because of my lack of heals from being too far away.

Then one go we had it was great and we got it down - no idea what was different except that I had the water buff that time.  Then I had a go at Mantid where I promptly killed myself by running straight into bombs and I didn't realise that having the bombs actually hurts!  I really need to focus on getting my butt hard up against the wall for bomb placement.

So we did a swapsies so my team could start on Mantid for practice, and after a few goes we managed to get it, but OMG we died on the mogu side from healing issues!  UGH!  I should have used my Tranq earlier!

I bristled when Aza started saying I should use my healing cooldowns (which I knew already and having done Mogu side MANY times, I hadn't used them because I hadn't needed to) but I had said that I would not snap at people telling me what to do so I just gritted my teeth and plodded on.

Hopefully next week I will be better and we will have a new kill!


  1. If you have two warlocks you should be able to simply assign them to kill sparks and Mogu boss statues. How are you opening the boxes as well?

    I would strongly recommend you do the following...

    Step 1:
    2 Pandaren boxes

    Step 2:
    1 massive box (14 energy)

    Step 3 (until 36 energy):
    2 medium OR 1 medium/2 small at a time

    Step 4 (at 36 energy):
    1 massive box

    1. I think we're doing that - except our afflock isn't doing sparks and our destro is.


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