Raiding: First look at Spoils and Tensai's turn at Garrosh

Exray told me he had some bad news last night. My heart was in my mouth - was he about to tell me he was quitting raiding??  Who's not turning up tonight?

"My net is capped till Thursday."

Oh.  That's what you get for downloading Wildstar 8 times to try to fix some login bug. Well that's ok, I thought.  Might mean no heroic attempts on Spoils if he's lagging but we can always go at it again next week.  But that would probably mean Lushen was lagging as well.

So we had a few goes at Spoils.  It wasn't as frightening as I thought it was going to be. The lag disease was contagious - Nath and Jazz were lagging at the beginning and their latency was a little higher than normal after they restarted, and then Luxy dc'ed in the middle of another attempt.

We had some discussion on the split.  My split had Exray (Blood DK)/Lushen (WW Monk)/Aza (Destro lock)/Morz (DPriest) together and I was thinking of putting Jazz (SPriest) there or Luxy (Ele Shaman).  On the other side we had Aimei (BrewMonk)/Sev (AffLock)/Nath (Hunter)/Navi (Resto Druid).  I decided that Jazz was too similar to Sev so I put her with Exray and kept Luxy with us.  Jazz did wail "WHY DID YOU SPLIT THE GIRLS UP WHYYYYY" but I just giggled because she was probably just missing Nath's beard.

I watched the Warcraft Academy video whereas others watched variations including Fatboss, and I thought we were going to avoid doing the big boxes and do mediums and smalls and one big.  Exray said that it was best that we did all the big boxes so that was different.  But man there is a lot of damage coming out of big boxes and it takes so long to get down (and I had to use tranq OMG) but I think less sparks was the better way to go. 

My side did Mogu whilst the other side did Mantid.  We split the teams up on Vent so our chatter didn't cross over and that made it easy.  Our first go was 40+ on both sides and I thought gosh, that's some DPS requirement!  The second go the other team got to 50 but we were lagging behind big time. Subsequent goes the other side died to sparks and our side had a laugh because Aza did say to us "You have to stop doing all the small ones coz it is killing us" but we had only opened the monk boxes and a big and 2 small boxes so we really hadn't done anything different to previous attempt. He amended after that saying that the sparks spawned far away and nobody noticed them... heh.

I think everyone in the raid was reasonably happy with how Spoils went.  It wasn't horribly hard, and if we had no lagging it would have been good.  Anyway we switched to normal at 10pm and finished the rest of the night off on normal. Lushen was frozen anyway because of lag so we left and I got Tensai in so he could get the Garrosh achievement.  He even picked up some loots!  Poor Luxy died on Garrosh but that was because she didn't manage to pick up one of the buffs that make you take less damage and I didn't get my heals up on her fast enough and she died in the dream phase from just the AOE damage.  I should have lifebloomed her instead of Tensai.  He 2 healed it with me and we did ok!

Edit: OMG I totally forgot that Garrosh dropped Jazz's trinket, Black Blood of Y'shaarj!  She was so excited when it dropped and we did tease the poor chooken a little bit because so many people had more EPGP than her... but how could we not give it to her when it was the main reason we were doing Garrosh?

Still only a few more guildies to get through normal Garrosh to get their achievements.  Exray and Aza asked if we could bring Mari and Zuli (who are Exray's friends from Dath'remar who regularly attend our flex on Saturdays) and I said once we finish our guildies off, they can come.

Speaking of Flex, Saturday's run was really good! We started a little late but managed to get 3 wings down (1,3 and 4) in 2 hours, and I was worried because we had a full 25 raid for Wing 4 but Blackfuse and Garrosh went down perfectly!  Well, almost perfectly.  We had one death on Blackfuse... and you couldn't help but laugh because the person who died was our Nath on his main. Gee, when the heroic raiders are dying on flex.... LOL.  But we had more deaths on Paragons than on any of the others but I think that was because someone was playing sillybuggers - Exray kept going scorpion and people died.  After Garrosh was down I said to Zuli (who normally dies EVERY Garrosh attempt) that she had done amazingly because that was the first time she hadn't died on Garrosh!  Sev commented that he didn't know half of the people there - and I rolled my eyes at him because one of those people he didn't recognise was Tensai who is new to the guild (and Tensai had waved to Sev), but there were a lot of others there - Dragonray's friends Drauka and Khalesii, who brought their guildies Dontmountme and Valiedrea; Guy (Tensai's friend); Zulishi and Mariette. Guild turnout was really good too, I really couldn't ask for more.

Now after that awesome run, I may not be going to next Saturday's one which means we may not have a Flex - if they run it without me I just hope everyone is well behaved!  Decisions decisions - should I go to Supernova and meet Stan Lee? Or stay home and do Flex!


  1. We could spend the extra hour+ on progression each week now that Jazz has her trinket instead of clearing!

    1. OMG I totally forgot to put that in.... editing post!

  2. Navi!!! Supernova!!!! Even I know who Stan Lee is, and I don't even like comics!


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