Raiding - Ending the day on an AWESOME note (ie Malkorok is TOAST)

I knew I had a long day ahead of me at work - thre was a good 12-14 hours worth of operating to do and I was a bit sad that I wouldn't be able to reliably say I would make raid.  I had already prepped everyone about it, both healers were going to be on in my absence and I was going to make Monday my turn at Malkorok.

So as I wrapped up work, I realised that I could actually be home in time to listen to a bit of the raid!  I was going to get home by 10pm so if they needed me I would be available.

As I started the long drive home, I rang in and listened remotely to the raid as they wiped on Nazgrim... 3 times!  Oh no, Asys was lagging - that was bad, because he was probably getting smacked by snipers then. They managed to get it down though and were having goes at Malk.  Maybe Asys wasn't lagging anymore. They had 3 goes before I got there.

No sooner had I logged on then Asys said goodbye and was logging out.  I hadn't even eaten dinner or scratched my butt yet (maybe I should have done that before I turned on the computer, logged in and jumped into Vent) and I was in raid and flapping around like a headless chicken as I quickly changed specs and gear and mentally berated myself for forgetting to upgrade my ring and reforge into some mastery.  Anyway, see how we go.

Now it seems a bit silly, but it just so happened that the side that I had been learning on was the "girl's" side. If you look at it with the entrance door as south, then I was on East with Morz opposite me on West.  Luxy was adjacent north to me, and Jazz adjacent south.  Sev was between Luxy and Morz, and Nath was next to Jazz (of course), with Aza between Nath and Morz.  Nath had the crappiest position of all of us because the door has that crappy zooming in and out view thing that happens during the fight poor ol' Nath due to seniority was stuck there.  GM gets first pick of segments /grin.

There was a fair bit of:
"Oh shit, I thought you got that!"
"I got it I got it!"
"Sorry I didn't get mine..."
"Did we both just get that?"

Aza said, "Look, it's better if you BOTH just get it rather than nobody get it," as I think Morz and Sev had a little dancing thing happening happening with one of theirs (Sev went in, Morz went in, Sev went out, Morz went out BOOM oops nobody was in LOL) and so we just focussed on that.  Jazz said she and Nath sometimes shared a pool.  We all asked them to keep their sexy time frolics to themselves.  Jazz said "Sometimes we're yelling across to each other 'Are you getting in? Is it mine?  Whose is that one?'" and I was wondering what their neighbours would think...

I came in at attempt 4.  Attempt 5 was really good, I think we bettered our 15% previous best with a 13% I think.  People were feeling really positive.  But those tanks were having their faces smashed into the ground.

Morz and I had already said that whoever had the most stacks got Guardian spirit and whoever had the least got Ironbark so we told them to tell us who had the most so we could get our cooldowns right.  They got bubble as well so I hoped that helped.  I had one really abyssmal attempt because my section was cleared of bubbles because I was a dingbat and accidentally popped every single one by not moving or running through them.  I think nobody noticed anyway but I sure did...

I hearthed out just before attempt 8 to reforge some spirit to mastery.  In my rush to get back I forgot to upgrade my ring.... Poo.  Oh well, see how we go now.

Now we were on Attempt 9.  Exrau died during the first Blood Rage and we quickly got him up and continued.  We were all alive and Exray said to focus and I was concentrating so hard because I had not topped Luxy up earlier and she'd lost a lot of health and was stuck with low health so I wanted to make sure her shield was ok.  I was watching shield and bubbles so intently that I didn't even NOTICE Malk was almost dead.  The achievement popped up and my first thought was


But it was quickly followed by a YAY! A shame about the non loot though.  I took an offspec chest and sharded the cloth one.  But boy was that a good finish to the night!  I was all pumped after that, even though EVERYONE else was tired.  Aza and Morz said it was bedtime, Luxy said it was dinnertime.  Geez guys, I just got home and we just killed a new boss.... where's the excitement! Luxy had even hearthed out and left group when Aza yelled out "LUXY!  GUILD PIC!"

Luxy eating reminded me...oh yeah, dinner.  In all the excitement, I had totally forgotten all about that.  But new boss kill > food anyway, amirite? Heh, maybe just for me :D


  1. Malk is a jerk about loot in general.

    For example, killed him on 25N in a PUG on my horde alt this week. 3 of his 6 drops were cloaks, and 2 of those were warforged. What a bastard.

    1. I like the boots and I used to like the bracers but I've come to like the IJ ones much more.

  2. Congrats on your Malkorok kill! Sorry he wasn't nicer with his choice of loot, but still bet that felt awesome! :D

  3. Grats on your kill! I thing the loot gods are... I'm afraid to finish that sentence for fear of never replacing my LFR trinkets on my shaman. I'll leave it up to the imagination.


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