Raiding: And the Spoils go to Frostwolves

Asys was missing again.  I'm not sure where he goes at raid time!  I hope he's ok - wish he would tell me what was happening.

I felt like the biggest wuss, because I was having a hissy about having to heal Dark Shamans with 2 healers. I struggle on the inside when there's 2 of us, how would it be if it was just me?  So Morz said that he would go inside and Aza and Snow could stay outside by themselves.  Wow.  OK, well I was happy with that if the two cowboys (well, one cow-boy and one troll-girl) could look after themselves.  Aza asked for symbiosis so he could throw some rejuvenates out so I did.  So I did that - with Morz on the inside with me I could relax and not worry about the falling ash so much.

And wouldn't you know, we one shot it, and it was EASY.  Now why don't we do THAT all the time??

Nazgrim was fine, Malk was a bit messier with one wipe (but I managed to roll Boots of Perilous Infusion which I wanted), and then it was onto Spoils.  Now I was determined not to be a doofus.  No more spazz dying.  Unfortunately I still did some spazz dying.  One attempt we were so close!  But I had died TWICE so that was a wipe even though we had almost gotten through our room...


We had a few more tries but they all seem to blur for me.  One attempt we didn't make our quota.  Another attempt we got our quota with 20 seconds to spare.  One of the times the other team didn't make their boxes.  Aza drove me nuts because on the Mogu side when the Anima put their red circles out he would run OUT of the circle!  I'm like... OMG GET IN THE RED CIRCLE!  Lucky for me Jazz and Nath are there to run to the circles <3 br="" nbsp="">

(Edit: OMG I had some kind of weird bug error in my post!)

Ok let me rewrite that.  On our good attempt we managed to get our first side down with decent time to spare, and we were running into the next room and sparks were still coming up so had to run back, but Aimei was opening boxes... at least this time I managed to get my tranqs off!  We managed to get our mantid side down faster and Aza jumped over to help - OMG we had 20 seconds left... and then suddenly - BAM we got our achievement!

I rolled Klaxxi Grips of rejuvenation.  I think I have exhausted my loot rolls for a while!  I would like a new neck!  Sha or Spoils.. either will do!  Aza took the Avool's Ancestral bracers, and Luxy took Ancient Mogu Tower shield for possible future transmogs.

So.  Thok?  I'm not sure where Asys is or whether he is around this week. I will have to assume that he's not available and try Thok with 2 healers. And no paladin in raid, unless I can gear Tensai up quickly (I might have to consider that as an emergency backup). OMG it will be ugly.  But... yay 10/14H! Yay Frostwolves!


  1. Two healing Thok will likely be absolutely brutal, period, and require you to go through fire phase. If you have anyone who's even halfway competent at a healing spec you're likely better off having them heal.

    Good luck!

    1. I will tell you how brutal it was on Monday! Trust me I'd like an easier time of it!


    video of the kill, enjoy :)

    1. What a lovely clean UI! I am never showing my messy UI as a kill video ever again! And did I see someone NOT standing in the red circles? :P

  3. Every time our raid leader would say "we're 2-healing, Anou", my palms would get sweaty and I'd need to take a breath before squeaking into the mic about how he was crazy. And this was in reg mode. LOL I feel your pain, Navi! ;)

    1. LOL Anou I think I will have RSI after this Monday Thok attempt!


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