PvP: Shab is back, and six degrees of separation

It took a little bit of arm twisting and convincing to get Shab to come back, but I had a bit of help from Jinjersnaps who recently came back to the guild.  Jinj has a number of friends around WoW and recently left the guild to go join some of her friends on Jubei'thos.  She came back to Saurfang and rejoined Frostwolves and it was fun having her around to PvP with.  Sev, Shab and I remembered how one time we came across Jinj's friends in an arena and we beat them, and then Jinj got on to tell us that she was in the team as well on her warlock!

So whenever I'm looking for someone to do a BG here and there I ask Jinj if she's free - but often she's about to go to bed at the times I'm getting started to PvP.  So I was PvPing with her on Tuesday and she asked me about Shab.

I told her he had unsubbed because he didn't have anyone to PvP with during raid times and by the time we were free he was tired and wanted to go to bed.  Jinj said that was a shame, because he was an awesome mage.

Well.  I grinned to myself.  Boys like having their ego stroked.

Shab was on playing D3, and I said to him that Jinj was back and she was doing lots of BGs.  I said I wished he was there, and talked about how horde had been winning BGs lately.  And then I talked about arenas, and how the mage/lock/druid teams had been playing, wishing we could do some games.  He grumbled at me that it was tempting, but not that tempting.

Then I threw down my good hand.  I said to him how Jinj said she couldn't wait for him to come back and she would love to BG with him.  He wavered a little, saying that it would be nice to come back. So I had to play my ace. Then I told him that Jinj said he was one of the best mages she had played with.


"Alllriiiiight," he said, resignedly.  "OK, I'm resubbing."

And that was that :D

Now here's some weird coincidences.  The guild that Jinj joined on Jubei'thos was a guild that three of our guildies went to.  I found it strange that they had, at one time, 7 raid teams, but the guild fell apart because they couldn't raid.  One of Sevrus' workmates was asking about how to make WoW videos so Sev pulled up some of our guild videos from Youtube.  As his workmate was watching them he said, he knew some of the people from the video - and it happened to be the three that went to Jubei'thos.  What a strange coincidence that they were all in the same guild, and there are two very different stories about what happened to that guild.  If you ask me, the flaw in that guild was obvious - even though they were a guild, each group didn't want to play with the other and if they didn't all play co-operatively then it was never going to work.  Lose a few key people and the whole group would leave rather than play with the other groups, or were unable to raid.  Which is not something that I want for my guild.

Anyway, Shab had a huge conquest cap to catch up on.  Need to help him get up there and get his weapon - will make him heaps more effective.


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