Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Julia Stevens in Elwynn Forest

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Now that Zunta's team has been dispatched, it's time to take another step toward mastering your Pet Battles skills. Julia Stevens is up next, and she's located in Elwynn Forest. Similar situation: her team of two pets needs to be vanquished, and like the Zunta encounter, you're limited on what pets you can use.

For this encounter, you'll need two level-1 Critters on your team. They aren't hard to find so if you need a couple, has a great list you can choose from. Assemble your team, send those icky snakes to their graves, and then come back here and let us know how you did!

In this challenge, Crithto has made it super hard compared to the last challenge. I have to use critters against two beasts?  That's just crazy!  I'll have to find high health hard hitting pets to be able to beat them, and I don't know how many good level 1 critters I have in my team.

I had a look at all my critters.  No attack is strong against a beast on a level 1 critter, and both Julia's snakes have a speed of 19 so even my fast critters aren't fast enough to beat one snake!  Even my 2 hardest hitting pets I can possibly kill one snake with both pets, but not two.

I had to admit defeat.  Short of every snake missing their attack and my pets critting every attack, this wasn't going to happen no matter what permutations I chose!  So I will have to do as Major Payne said:

If anyone was successful with this challenge, I'd like to know because I'm pretty sure it's just about IMPOSSIBLE!


  1. From what I was seeing in the comments, someone gave a loophole where he said you had to use 2 level 1 critters but didn't say anything about a 3rd pet.

  2. Maybe you need to shoot those snakes like a duck.


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