Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Dagra in Northern Barrens

After my failed attempt at one of the previous challenges, I hoped that the next challenge would be much more doable.

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Dagra the Fierce beckons you from Northern Barrens. Assemble a team of three level 2 pets, one Humanoid, one Elemental, and one Flying in that order, and head on over to the mountain where she hangs out. Come on back here to let us know how you did!

As usual, I had very few level 2s to play with.  I initially started with Murkimus, Ashstone Core and Crested Owl.

Murkimus' shield block wasn't very useful because the two critters both used a tranquility type healing spell. Felt like I needed something with a bit more damage.  Anubisath Idol would have been a good one with Sandstorm but I didn't have a level 2 of that so I decided I'd try Curious Wolvar Pup who had  Snap trap as 2nd slot attack which was strong against beasts.

That actually turned out good because it stunned Longneck and Dagra swapped in Springtail.  That was better because now my attacks weren't weak against it.  Snap Trap didn't stun Springtail because it was a critter which was good so Dagra never swapped Longneck back in.  Managed to kill Springtail and Longneck came back in and killed Wolvar Pup.

Ashstone Core couldn't get Longneck down with the tranquility so I decided to change it up and use Tainted Waveling, which had Acidic Goo as it's second attack, so that would help with negating the tranquility. That worked well, and then my Crested Owl took out Ripper who did hurt a lot with Prowl and Rake.

Let's get started!
Trapped and stunned Longneck, then Springtail was swapped in who went down a lot easier against a Humanoid.
Longneck killed off Wolvar pup, so Tainted Waveling got next go.  Dot attacks FTW when Tranquility is up!
Crested Owl to the rescue!  Bye bye Ripper!  Lucky Crested Owl still had the faster attack coz Ripper did have some big hurting attacks.
So that was a much easier challenge! And my little Crested Owl dinged as well LOL!