Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Durotar's Zunta

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Well, it's finally here! The newly revamped blog aptly titled, Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battles Training. Based on a lot of the feedback you good tamers shared with me, I've gone ahead and tried to keep it fun and interesting, while including some more detail about pet families.

In your first week of training, Payne's orders are to find Zunta and take his team out using two level 1 pets. The trick is you can only use Flying, Mechanical, or Beast. Give the encounter a go, and then come on back here to tell us about your experience. What worked? What didn't work?

Your job is to defeat Zunta with both pets still alive, scoff at his lack of Payne-ingrained strategy, and then report back here. Each K.O.-ed pet on your team will mean 100 pushups, so don’t screw up!

Did you cheat and use level 25 pets?

I had such fun doing the other challenge I decided I would do them ALL!  My apologies to my blog readers who aren't into pet battles - but I can't help myself, I just wanted to see how much of a challenge this could be!  Zunta is at least on Horde side this time :)

And wow, this is a challenge at level 1.  At first I thought I would try it with green level 1s.  I tried it with Spirit of Summer and Blue Mini Jouster.  OMG TOTALLY SQUASHED.  200 pushups for me.

Then I switched the order... another 200 pushups.

That's it, time to bring out the rares.  I brought Miniwing and Elementium Geode.  Holy crap, another 200 pushups.  Clearly this composition wasn't working for me.

So I decided that it was time to pull out a mechanical so I could beat Spike.  So I had a Lil' XT level 1 that was a good choice (thank goodness it could come back to life) and then I used Miniwing.  Miniwing was being killed by Mumtar.  Damnit another 200 pushups.

So I went through my flying list and saw that Tiny Sporebat had the most health. I decided to give that a shot. Here are screenshots of the battle.

 Yes, Zunta had been killin' me lots.  Major Payne was gonna lay into me big time.

Spike might be dead but Lil' XT was almost dead too!  I managed to get two shots off at Mumtar before I switched Tiny Sporebat in.  OH MY GOD LAST GO DON'T MISS!!

Wooooot!  Dead bug!  And why am I so mean to Zunta?  What about Zunta being mean to me??  Both my pets dinged level 2, so that rules the out for subsequent attempts!

But after reading that post properly, I realised I could have used a beast!  Gosh that would have been way easier against that bug, if only I had done that, I might have saved myself 800 pushups.  Well, Major Payne didn't specify that I had to do all those pushups at once.  Maybe I can get away with 5 a day for the rest of the year....


  1. Wow, you're going to be really buff after you do those 800 pushups. Maybe I need to go get myself some level ones and try these things.

  2. I am considering this as my #faff


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