Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Booty Bay's Bill Buckler

I saw this and thought I might give it a go:

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Who doesn't love Booty Bay this time of year?

Well, perhaps after this challenge, Bill Buckler won't like it much. He's your target, folks, and we'd love to hear about how you do against him. Buckler’s minions are Burgle, a level-11 Humanoid; Eyegouger, a level-11 Flying; and Young Beaky, another level-11 Flying. To properly take him down according to Payne's instructions, your team will consist of a level-10 Dragonkin, a level-10 Beast, and a level-10 Aquatic in that order.

Give this scallywag the what-for, will ya?

So I had a look at my pet collection... lucky I'm not one of those people who level EVERY pet to 25!  Fortunately I still had a few low ones to play with!

I didn't have a level 10 dragonkin. I had a level 11... so I set off to level one random dragon to 10.  I decided to choose Emerald Whelpling.  For my beast, I picked one of my random level 10s - Darkshore Cub.  And for my aquatic I only had one level 10 to choose from which was my Aqua strider.

So my take on the rules was, start with the dragonkin, and when it dies, move to the beast, then the aquatic. But I had a few hiccups..

When I moved Navimie there, I couldn't battle him - there was no quest!  So I tried to go back to Orgrimmar to see if I could get an Eastern Kingdoms pet battle quest... no luck.

So I decided to try my alliance mage to see if she could do it, and fortunately, she could.  Phew.

I'm ready to face your challenge, you Scurvy Sea Scum!

Ugh blurry laptop lowest resolution setting pictures FTL.  But time to fight!

Burgle decided to start with Cleansing Rain, which healed him for 0, so I went and put Moonfire on.  Burgle then did Lucky Dance, and I did Tranquility. NOW he started to punch me.  So I bit him back with Emerald Bite.  He went down very nicely, and the extra damage from Moonfire for  my Emerald bite helped (and the dragonkin buff when Burgle was below 25%).  One down.  Next up, Eyegouger.

I felt like I was cheating a bit here.  Flying is weak against Dragonkin, so damage to Emerald Whelpling was minimal.  Eyegouger started with Hawkeye and I used the same round of attacks as last time.  That worked well.  Bye bye Eyegouger.  One hiccup though, Eyegouger used Cyclone and that was RAPIDLY taking out my other pets in the backline, especially my poor aquatic, Aqua Strider.

So next up was Young Beaky, another flying.  Didn't stand a chance.  Beaky started with Adrenaline rush when I did a bite, then I did a tranquility which was lucky because Young Beaky decided to Lift-off.  Emerald Bite some more and then we were down to this picture. One more bite, and then Young Beaky would have been dead.  So I thought to myself, OK, challenge completed!

Then, I realised, maybe that was NOT how the challenge was supposed to work.  Maybe I was supposed to have each pet battle each enemy!  So I forfeited the fight so I could try again, and this time I had Emerald Whelpling beat Burgle, then swapped to Darkshore Cub to beat Eyegouger.  Then I realised I had a problem.

Cyclone had just about killed my Aqua strider! Which wasn't surprising considering having Darkshore cub trying to hit Eyegouger with weak attacks meant it was a long fight and so cyclone had heaps of time to damage my Aquatic.  I don't think I could do this challenge, so I decided to ask Crithto what the rules were:

And hey!  He replied me!

So yay!  I did the challenge successfully!  Perhaps I should try more of these Major Payne challenges!  But damn, will I have enough low level pets to do them?


  1. So that's why you were doing that battle. The quest is alliance specific but you can technically complete it on either side once you have the quest.

    1. I didn't realise that, no wonder Navimie couldn't get it. I knew a high level alliance toon was good for something.... Oh I was chuffed when Crithto even favourited my tweet! I'm such a groupie :P

  2. Oh, this sounds like fun! So you just randomly found the post on the forums about it? I've never seen any challenges like this before, but then again I only have a few battle pets at 25 too so I've not really gone looking for them, I need to get into them a bit more! I'm a hordie too and have an 85 night elf druid that I haven't played for ages, she might come in handy after all!

    Gratz on the win, did you get anything for it or just a bit of fun? =)

    1. Hello Aeovara! Thanks for visiting! I was just doing it for run - I saw it on battlenet blog stuff and usually Major Payne writes about different pets but he had these little challenges so I wanted to give it a try. I will make a whole heap of boring posts about it soon :P My poor poor readers!


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