New additions to our Frostwolves Family

Though people may beg to differ, I think there are LOTS of benefits of being nice during flex raids.

Dragonray had some friends from Nagrand who had wanted to come to our Flex.  They were work friends and since she asked so nicely, how could I not say yes? They weren't very well geared and at the level they were at, they were not heroic raiders either.  However, they were very pleasant and they listened to what we said and were polite during raid. I always make a point of saying a few whispers to any person in the raid who is new, so they don't feel like so uneasy.

There was a couple - Khaleesi (priest) and Drauka (DK).  They had two friends who came on subsequent weeks - Valiedra (warrior) and Dontmountme (Shaman).  We ran them through flex Garrosh and fortunately didn't have to drop anyone and I think they quite enjoyed themselves because they came back every week after that.  Dragonray, who knows me very well, took great delight in stroking my ego telling me that her friends thought I was a nice person. Nawwwwww :D

Yesterday, Dragonray told me I had made a great impression.  I didn't know what she was talking about this time - but she clarified by saying that her friends had enjoyed themselves so much they had transferred to Saurfang.  She asked if her friends could join, and of course, I said they could because they were such pleasant people - just the kind of people I like to have around!  I am not looking for heroic raiders to fill a mythic group - hell I don't KNOW if I ever will, but I like the

None of them had asked or expected an invite and I think all 4 were happy when I whispered each of them individually asking if they would like to join the guild.  Soon they were all in the guild and welcomes went around, and when Tacky got on, he did the usual Frostwolves guild welcome (at my request).

So a big welcome to Frostwolves to Daeneirys (formerly Khaleesi), Drauka, Dontmountme and Haevela (Valiedra's lock).  I hope you all like it here!

In other guild news, Dragonray began her gold challenge modes journey as we did Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery.  We unfortunately did some stupid things and wiped a lot!  Exray was tanking on his DK, Aza was on his warrior (but had to change to his hunter), and Sev on his lock and Dragonray on her mage.  And me of course.  But we got them in the end, and Dragonray was pretty excited (well as excited as one could be when she was DEAD tired at 1am) and hopefully we can knock off a couple each night when we're free and she'll be there in NO TIME!


  1. Awww an entire page for my friends, they will be very happy here I am sure. Thanks for having the type of guild that people want to join Nav, it isn't easy creating a fantastic online environment, but the Frostwolves have managed to do it.


    1. It's not me it's the people in the guild that make it awesome. I'm just the bouncer at the club door :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yay hope they're NICE people - they seemed to be!


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