Raiding - Yay Dark Shamans down!

I was hoping that I would not have any brainfart moments and not stuff up tonight, and I think everyone else was trying their best to do the same.  But the first few fights were inevitable stuff ups - I know that I stood in the foul stream once when I was trying to tranq, and another time poor Jazz died because of the poison mist totem dot and I felt bad because I should have tried harder to heal.  I have since manually put the debuff on my healbot so I know who has it so I can keep them topped up with hots and throw my free big heals on them. I did notice that if you had the toxic mist debuff on you, then you are never the target of foul stream. Which was good for me, because every time I had the debuff, I would be ready to move.  It's when you don't have it you have to spend one second wondering if you have to stand still because you're the one with the foul stream on you.

It would probably have been our 4th attempt where nobody died to the foul stream, and then we had two attempts with deaths on the pull from the tombs, and then after that we had an EXCELLENT attempt with a damned 1% wipe!  I was kicking myself for dying, and so was everyone else who died, and we rallied and managed to kill it on the next attempt.  Aimei died at 2%, but we had enough people inside to be able to live and boy was there a huge cheer when we got it down!  (Thanks McTacky for the balloon cheer early in the night)

We almost forgot to do a kill pic!

And of course the outside team had to have a pic too!

Nath and Lushen both got Haromm's Talisman (of course, Lushen ROLLED it!) and I had to DE the cloth helm.  Jazz rolled the awesome Kadris' Scepter which she doesn't want anyway!

Onto Nazgrim after that, and you always feel bad when people tell you how easy it is and you still wipe lots. The heals are heavyish for me - hots don't feelt enough for bonecrackers and healing myself while I'm being sniped puts me far from the tanks so I can only heal raid.  We had a bit of musical healers as we tried to figure out what heal comp to use, and it ended up me and Morz after me and Asys had a bit of a go at healing it.

Banner was going down too slow.  Rage was high.  Warsongs and ravagers were annoying.  I actually didn't have too much of a mana issue because when I was stuck being sniped I just healed myself and all my mana came back because I wasn't healing many people.

After killing Dark Shaman people were happy to reset again for next week to see if we can get loots from IJ and Dark Shaman.  I think if we had wiped on Dark Shaman we would have extended.  Fingers crossed for a good raid composition next week!  We tried to see if there were any bosses we could skip but people still need stuff from the bosses so we will keep doing them, I guess!  I wouldn't mind the ring from IJ, but I've been pretty luck with loot!  Don't need much now except

And where is Sabre lately??  Sev is out of action since he's in country town with abyssmal internet and so we're just making our numbers lately with no reserves.  I hope everyone can come tomorrow.


  1. Budgets, Meetings and Conferences have kept me away so my apologies for that. I have been on early a few times but you have been on at those times.
    It is great to hear you guys are smashing them down...well close to smashing :)


    1. We miss you Sabre! I think I need to sit out for Nazgrim so we have a chance at killing it with a true DPS rather than an offspec one. If not you, then Sev! And we need you to come back and get some of those heroic kills under your belt :) Hope to see you online soon!

  2. Wow. Way to go guys, Heroic modes! Woohoo! Dark Shamans made me want to cry several times, on reg.

    1. It was exciting! Now we just have to somehow repeat that performance...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ratters! It was a big relief... but I hope it's a repeatable thing!


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