Raiding - Heroic Iron Juggernaut down!

I feel bad for complaining about server shutdowns in the middle of raid!

I got on a bit early to see who was on, and we managed to get everyone on by 830pm and kick off the raid. Lucky there's no trash to kill for Iron Juggernaut so we just went straight to the boss.

Our healing cooldowns had a sync now, so it was a lot better and we were improving slowly - our second attempt we managed to have most of us up after the second siege mode and we wiped but that was our best attempt ever and it was really encouraging!  We figured out that huddling in the corner was bad, and we started moving left and that worked a lot better.  The healing cooldowns we used were antimagic shell (first pulse), tranquility after knockback, barrier (second pulse), healing tide after knockback, spirit link (third pulse) and then we ran our asses back to the boss, healing along the way.

A few more false starts with some early tank deaths and bombs (heh Jazz clicked a bomb somehow instead of clicking her healthstone and she went kersplat) and then on our 9th attempt it was going so well. Everyone lived through the first siege mode, then we made it back, then we were going ok with the second siege mode, and as we ran back after it finished, Lushen died but he was quickly rezzed and everyone was on boss.  We were all concentrating so hard and the kill was within our grasp!  9%... 8%.. omg Aimei died but we were still going strong... 2%.. OMG it's dead yay!!!

Lucky me got Castlebreaker Bracers and Owl/Snowcaller took the Demolisher's Reinforced Belt.  OMG that was so awesome!!!

Everything is cool when you're part of a team... :P

Anyway that was the end of the raid.  Server went down, but we all went out on a high!  Go Frostwolves!!!

PS: And Dragonray - thanks for the Pompoms!  They worked!


  1. Yay! Awesome! Iron Juggernaut is now a Jugger-naught!

    Sorry again for talking during one of the attempts by mistake!

    1. Thanks! Hey it's ok, I'm not mad about you talking during the boss fight as long as you're not mad about me telling you to stop talking coz we're in a boss fight! :)


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