Raiding - Fixing myself so I don't suck so much and an accidental achievement

At least we got our usual 5 bosses down on Wednesday!  Luxy upgraded to a heroic Purified Bindings of Immerseus and I sat out for Noru and Sha and came back for Galakras.  My son was having one of his I-don't-want-to-sleep and was sitting on my lap looking at the "monster stuck" Immerseus and so I was keen to sit out so I could put him back to bed.  Galakras had a wipe because stupid melee hunter/wannabe paladin Lor'themar died again (WHY can't he just stand back). After that we got it down but nobody took any loot... makes you wonder why we bother doing these bosses...

Iron Juggernaut was better today - and we made a couple of little changes!  I too made a few little changes - I stopped using a spirit flask and started using an intellect one.  That made a difference to my healing but then I felt gimpy coz I had to ask for a mana tide.  The second thing they changed was that we decided to run to the left side of the gate (if you're facing the boss).  We had been running to the right of the gate to group up for the DK shield, and then strafing left.  But we seemed to get knocked back right and there was a tar there so inevitably a laser would hit the tar and go boom.  But with left stacking, we get knocked to the right a bit and then we are clear of the tar, and that seemed to work better.  We got IJ down with seconds to spare (Sev was our top damage on our first kill, and he sat out this time so we could get Luxy a kill).

We also got an achievement totally by accident! I guess when we're all knocked back and the crawler mines are all coming to us and laser person running around some of them are bound to get superheated.  But we never expected to get THAT achievement, since we had issues trying to do it on flex - who would have thought we'd do it on heroic.  But I actually don't know if stomping a superheated crawler mine does more damage than a normal one - maybe it doesn't because we seemed to do the same.  Anyway, whoever kited the lasers did a good job heating all the mines serendipitously! Asys got Laser-Slice Signet and nobody seemed to want Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal.

So.  Back to Dark Shaman. There is just so much fail there that an entire comic could be made about out endeavours.  The outside guys are totally bewildered why we inside guys keep dying to the foul stream.  I know that I myself was being a ning nong about it - and I really need an alarm to tell me that the Foul stream was coming so I would move!  So after a number of deaths when I didn't know foul stream was coming, I decided to update my horribly out of date DBM so I could at least hear the sound, and turn off the sound of tombs because I certainly didn't need to know about those!  Once I did that I was better - except that one time I was saying "Yay" to myself for getting out of the stream when it was facing the way I would have run (and so I was happy that I'd successfully avoided it) only to be a total spazz and run INTO the elemental wall.  Man.

Jazz leaned on her keyboard and killed us, and Aza was doing a rez and somehow got agro.  I don't remember which of those times it was, but I was running to the doors to get out so I wouldn't die, and I was first out the door and I was like YAY I won't die!  Both monks had also managed to roll out before the doors closed too, and so I was waiting for it to reset and suddenly...

... Darkfang popped outside and started eating me.  I was like "Whaaaa??" and tried to heal myself and run from the dog at the same time whilst both monks were laughing as it ate my face, and I died... and then the fight reset. TOTALLY UNFAIR!

Jazz had a fun time doing the tombs.  She was stacking them in the middle in little patterns, and she even said she was trying to stack them on tables and on top of each other... kind of like tetris.  Aimei was very approving of how she stacked the tombs - unlike Sev who liked planting them like an obstacle course as we worked our way around the room.

But, we shall be back on Monday.  Fresh, less fail (from me anyway hopefully) and maybe we can net ourselves a kill!  If not, in view of our not looting, I think next week we should extend and work on some bosses and maybe do some normals next week when we get sick of it.  See what Monday holds!


  1. LOL "Jazz leaned on her keyboard and killed us"!!!

    1. We were very surprised to see her do something - Jazz is usually the quiet one in raids!

  2. As Stoppableforce found out, Dark Shamans definitely have unusual resetting tendencies.

    1. I can't see - what happened to stop? I just saw his health go to zero... but can't figure out where he is!


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