Raiding - First crack at Dark Shaman

Exray told me that Dark Shaman was an easy fight and we should go do that instead of Nazgrim.  I had my doubts, but I said ok, and so I told HK and then we decided to surprise the rest of the raid with it on Thursday.

Asys (as we approached Dark Shamans): Hey it's still set on heroic.
Exray: Yep
Navimie: That's because we're doing heroic Dark Shamans today.
(stunned pause)
Jazz: I am so soiling my pants right now....
Asys: OMG seriously?
Azadelta: We can cheese it!  We've got a great raid comp for it...

Exray explained it in very simple terms.  He, Morz and Aza would stay outside, and the rest of us would be inside the room with Haromm and 2 tanks.  Lushen and Aimei were our inside tanks, and we also had 2 healers inside, myself and Asys.  Jazz, Nath and Sev were our inside DPS.  All we had to do inside was have 2 ranged people at range, and they would get the tombs, and then whoever got the Foul Stream needed to stay still whilst everyone else moved out of it.  It sounded easy, and... surprisingly it was a lot easier to do than we thought.

Our first go got us to about 15% and that was exciting.  Then we had a few dud attempts as healers, DPS and tanks died to various things (mostly inside healers dying to the foul stream) and then we had some awesome attempts in the 5% range.  Unfortunately mechanics and damage towards the end (as well as space constraints) were really irritating and caused people to get a bit disoriented.

Asys, Jazz and I had issues with the tables.  There were many times we got stuck on the tables in the room as we tried to get out of the way of the foul stream and then failed and died.  I eventually figured out that I needed to have my nose to the wall of the alcove and then strafe sideways.  The tanks would tank Haromm in the alcove and then when the wall came up, they would move to the next alcove.

We also figured out that once we were in, we were stuck in there, because the first wall would go right through the entrance/exit and one time we tried to take Haromm outside but the wall of elementals killed us as we tried to get through it.  Or we would get a tomb stuck in the doorway.  I can imagine Sev and Nath playing jokes and blocking off the whole doorway with tombs just for kicks.

We didn't get it, but it was really buoying!  I think everyone was excited thinking we MIGHT get it!  Well, we'll see how we go next week!  Other than that it was a good raiding week for Frostwolves, looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Just as an FYI? Nazgrim is easier. Easier than anything except Norushen. Shamans is arguably the hardest of the first eight (with Iron Juggernaut as the other contender).

    Glad to hear you made progress, though, hope you get it.

    1. Thank you Balkoth! And thank you for visiting and for the advice! The reason we did Dark Shaman was because of the nicer loot table - and because Exray said it was easy... :P


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