Cut the complaining about Azeroth Choppers!

I admit that I wasn't particularly excited to watch Azeroth Choppers, which is where Paul Jr from American Chopper has 2 teams building an alliance and a horde version of the chopper with the best one going into the game (as voted by us, the players!).  But, once I started watching, it was short, light entertainment, and I could see why the Blizzard guys were excited about it.  Well, I think they were.

The amount of negative feedback the show gets is a bit over the top.  Did anyone say you HAD to watch it? No. And what gives us the right as consumers to dictate how Blizz spends their money?  The guys who are part of the Horde and Alliance teams seem pretty excited about it!  Do you think a customer has a right to dictate to a company how they should spend their money just to please them?

Whatever happened to "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"  I guess these days everyone feels as if they have the right to comment on all sorts of things.  I mean, comments like this:
What a giant pile of holy crap. Instead of fixing the current game and putting more effort in making WoD a great expansion quality-wise they waste time, money, and energy with THIS. There are choppers in the game already, and with 250+ mounts who really needs another one? *epic double facepalm* 
Since when do Blizz ever not put out an excellent game?  I don't think they have ever rushed deadlines to push out a half assed game with a billion bugs - there are a few bugs, but they usually get on top of them pretty quick.
I think these people should be ashamed of themselves. In what way are motorcycles, airplanes, cars, etc. fantasy? Has anyone everyone ever read a true fantasy novel that contained anything like that? JR Tolkien would have a stroke. I play WOW, dont get me wrong, but I think they are destroying what was an amazing game with this crap.
I mean wow.  Just wow. I mean the word is there... FANTASY. It means you can stick whatever the hell you want - if people want it they will get it!  If they wanna RP it, then they might just choose not to have those sorts of items used by their character, but goblins and gnomes make machines, so it's not unreasonable they invented vehicles!

Admittedly, in an 8 minute show there is about 2 minutes of what happened before and what's happening next - all these reality shows seem to be like that!  And you couldn't make it any longer - I know I'd get bored, so keeping it short holds your attention for just that long (some people would say that it's already too long, but hey they'd be whinging anyway).

I'll admit I sat up when I saw Jared "Vhell" Coulston appearing at the Paul Jr Designs to deliver computers to the guys so they could play WoW - I remember seeing him at Blizzcon casting for the Arena Tournament, and I did enjoy his and Isaac "Azael" Cummings Bentley's commentary the best out of all the casters.  OK, I might have had a slight crush on Azael because his voice is rather engaging, and he SEEMED the friendliest of the casters there - I think he was the only one who replied my tweet when I said they all did a great job doing the commentary for the tournament.  Whoops that was a bit of a sidetrack...  Anyway, so these bike building guys had clearly NEVER played WoW before, and then we watched them for a few minutes playing WoW and taking in the whole artistry of the game and even having a PvP match - unfortunately, Alliance won.

And then there was more snickery.  There were a lot of comments about them being noobs for not spending their talent points... geez, these guys played WoW for the FIRST time, I mean I've been playing for years and still sometimes I forget to spend talent points!  And of course they're going to play like noobs, keyboard turning and what not (yes, I am also a keyboard turner at times!).  Do they LOOK like gamers to you?  They might even think what a bloody waste of time!  But at least they gave it a go!  And the whole point was that they got to play a little, and get a feel for what it means to be horde or alliance and saw the art of WoW for themselves.  Nobody expects them to be awesome on day 1!  Or even HOUR 1!  Even if they had pros helping them over their shoulders, right? :P)

(BTW on a strange note - I was trying to find a picture of Vhell in Azeroth choppers so I could stick it here, but talk about weird search results for "Jared Coulston azeroth choppers" - I just had to share these from the top 15 results...
#1 - A Dyson Airblade?? WTH...
#12 - Hmm, I can't see the resemblance
#14 - Maybe these are his aunts...
OK, so I will stop laughing about my inability to use a search engine and instead just do a screen cap!)

Vhell giving those Alliance dudes some pointers
I may not be a bike fan, nor even a reality TV show fan, but I can't help but be curious now.  And why are people complaining about their acting - isn't the whole point supposed to be them being themselves?  Maybe they're lousy at being themselves??  The episodes are no longer than a BG queue so it gives me something to do while I'm waiting!  So, half way there?  I am curious to see the end result, even if it seems like the rest of the community isn't.

BOTTOM LINE: If you don't want to watch it, don't watch it.  Some people are excited about it.  Don't be a hater!  And if Blizz wants to spend their money on it, it's their money!  Do you see the rest of the world telling you how to spend your money?  Stop with the Azeroth Choppers slag offs!


  1. It came across to me as a parody of reality shows with the ridiculous over the top phony deadlines. While I don't watch reality TV as I have enough reality of my own I'm enjoying the series. Sheesh, I must live under a barrel, I didn't know it was causing so much angst, lol.

    1. I also don't watch reality TV but the crazy deadlines is part of the "excitement" I suppose! And you know what, this is not the first time we have talked about you living under a rock or a barrel :P

  2. It all just seems very mid-life-crisis-y. Blizzard gives off the vibe of your uncle with the combover who is desperately trying to recapture the time of his life when he was young and cool.

    1. I have no interest in bikes, but I'm not sure I think of it as a bike - it seems to be more like art than a something to get you from A to B! Kinda like high fashion - beautiful to look at but not practical to wear. But I am happy Sam is on the Horde team - I love his art and like Metzen he is just so ingrained into the World of Warcraft - oh and he always looks excited and pumped about this whole project.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished bikes as I reckon they'll look awesome. I also think Blizz will bring both into the game as new faction mounts because the bikes will look fantastic.


    1. I don't think they will! It will be just one I'm sure Ayelena - though I also think both bikes will look cool - wonder what will happen to them? Maybe they'll be displayed at Blizzcon!

  4. Navi, this post should be pasted all over the front of the forums, the comments in the Azeroth Choppers youtube channel, and anywhere else people have posted negative things about the series. Do I think the series is perfect? Heck no, it has its flaws. But I give Blizz two thumbs up for trying something different and unexpected.

    1. Exactly! Why bash someone for trying something different? I'm glad you think the same :)


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