Random musings as I plan this week

I think this week we're almost ready to try a new heroic boss again.  Without a solid third healer I don't even want to touch Iron Juggernaut, so I think we'll go back and look at Nazgrim again.  I am worried if Asys doesn't show up for raid today - the thought of 2 healing Immerseus wasn't HORRIBLE but it's the final phases that has me concerned, as the healers will need to grab as many blue bubbles as possible and with 3 healers that's heaps easier.

Darkmoon Faire is up and I have only been there ONCE!  I really should keep going to work on getting spare pets and things (ie Moon Moon, Darkmoon Rabbit, Darkmoon eye) but honestly, I haven't seen a Darkmoon Rabbit group in AGES, nor have I been part of one.

Guild donations will need to be put up again.  Zwingli has been amazing, donating carts of food every week - nobody ever needs to donate food with the way he's going!  The bank is well stocked with food carts, but we are low on flasks, so I will have to do a flask donation push again.  And a money push.  Money is always a good donation for EP.

I've been thinking about what will happen if we don't have our regular pugs for Flex.  CAN we do Flex with what we have? I will have to think about that.  I know Az, Lushen and Owl don't come because they would rather just do it with guildies but perhaps if it's all guildies they might come.  We'll see.  Flex is such a fun thing to do with friends though and if you have lots of friends in WoW, you might like going with your other friends for a change!

I did try to PuG wing 4 last week after a particularly disappointing BG.  I'll just say... DISASTER.  Blackfuse broke everyone.  I tried to look at it from a learning perspective - as in what NOT to do when you're running a PuG wing 4 - and it was mostly lack of communication and leadership.  I don't think we'll need to worry about that for our Flexes - there is plenty of communication and there is a clear plan and role set out and even THEN it can get hairy!

Speaking of disappointing BGs, it was a dreadful Warsong Gulch that triggered my irrational need to PuG Wing 4.  We were outmatched - Sev, Dahakha and I queued for a BG, and somehow Dah got stuck on a loading screen and ended up not entering the BG and getting a deserter buff.  So there we were, 8 manning this BG, and Sev and I were being hounded by a pair of warriors as we tried to get up to get the flag.  The nemy capped a flag whilst we were still fighting.  Sev despatched the pests nicely and then we were hassled again by a druid and a paladin.  But after they fled from Sev's damage eating them down, we managed to grab a flag and cap it so we were one all.  Then we somehow got a 2nd cap!  It was going well, but the mistake I made was grabbing the flag so the enemy couldn't cap.  One minute to go and I was with everyone for a little bit, and then they all left to go farm HKs.  And I was alone - then three enemy's got me - that stupid druid, the warrior and a shaman.  I tried to run, I blew all my cooldowns, I yelled at Sev to come help and he yelled at me to live and I went down, 10 seconds to spare and the enemy capped and they won because they got the last cap (it was 2 all).  Boy was I pissed.  I swore furiously into my headset and poor Dah had to listen to my anger as I spewed it all out into Vent. I don't even know why I was that upset - I was honour and conquest capped so a win would not have gotten me anything.  But it's the principle of it!

I wonder, where has Ayelena, Alariantha and Jilliane been lately.  I don't see them much -  perhaps they are in the pre-expansion blues and not playing much.  I haven't seen Skreedle either for ages - I assume family must be keeping her busy.

Sigh, it's time to go back to work.  I can't wait to logon tonight and see how we go in raid!