Raiding - Is it me or is Garrosh easier than Blackfuse sometimes!

In both flex and normals this week there were issues with Blackfuse.  Lots of wipes.  Shredder didn't go down.  People being hit with spikes up the ass.  People standing too close to the shredder.  Hit by mines. You name it, people died to it.

Eventually it went down, but it wasn't pleasant either way.  I think we wasted a lot of time on Flex Blackfuse, and then when we did Paragons, that was damned messy too!  One amber was missed, so that was a bit crap, and people died to something, not sure what.  Just not the usual cakewalk that Paragons usually is, and that made me worried about Garrosh.

But Flex Garrosh actually runs quite well, and I have to thank the high DPS for that.  The top 3 DPS were non-guildies - a hunter (Ctwin), Riptyde's hunter and Putress.  Sev was 4th.  I wondered how we would do if we didn't have these pugs coming along, and I was sad to say that it probably wouldn't go as well, and we wouldn't be able to do what we do with bringing along the lower DPS people.  It is kind of nice that we can avoid Empowered Whirls because our damage is so high.

So we started on Thok last night in normal raid, and Jazz had faithfully put Nath on follow and we started the fight.  But he had somehow managed to lose her in the tunnel before Thok and of course, she died.  Then we did Thok, and it went down nicely, with minimal fire phase and that was with 3 healers too.  No stupid trinket again, but Tacky got a new Tier hat.

Blackfuse, as mentioned before was rubbish but when it was done we were relieved and went on to Paragons.  One of the tanks died when we were on the last 2 Mantid, but we got through anyway.  Then it was onto Garrosh.  Tacky opened his big mouth and said "Yay, I'll get the achievement!" and I told him that he was very naughty for saying that, and instantly I was berated by Sev and Tacky for not being positive.  I am positive though - positive that we have never killed Garrosh while 3 healing!  So I was hesitant and concerned, and we went to give it a go.  Nath asked me if I wanted him to do engineers, and I said yes - though in reality he hadn't done anything bad in raid that warranted punishment with engineer duty.  WELL.

Stacking in phase 1 was still ok.  We did that without an issue.  What was funny was after the weapon went down Owl said "Uhhh, is someone killing the engineer?"  NATH FORGOT TO DO ENGINEER.  So, in classic hunter style, we all got killed by 2 iron stars.  In his defence, after Owl said that he ran straight over and he told me he nearly killed it.  But nearly killed it is pretty much the same as NOT killing it because the outcome is identical - splat.  I laughed for about 5 minutes afterwards, and even when we were doing our second pull, I was still laughing.

But it became clear that Phase 3 was an issue. MCs were getting out and we couldn't get on top of them, so we were wiping in Phase 3.  Even I tried to silence, but I wasn't very good, and I don't even know if Fae silence was working! Thats 3 global cooldowns wasted of trying to break adds when I'm trying to heal as well, and that's pretty shit (bear form - faerie fire - caster form).  We had a few wipes like that.  And then it was 2250pm and I had to sit Tacky out so we could get the kill.  And I felt no shame in scolding him and saying I told you not to say that!!  Once Az came in, we wiped once (we were in the final phase and the empowered whirl got us) and then we got it the next time.  Geez, Garrosh is still a hard fight, even though we have it on farm with a full raid group, and I am not sure how we will be able to do that again - either we can 2 heal it with Tacky, or get Dragonray or Lom in as the 6th DPS - but I wasn't particularly pleased with that outcome.  I would like someone to get some upgrades!  I guess Owl is there on his DK - he'll be getting the upgrades.  Luxy and Lushen both got heirlooms - though Luxy didn't like her 2H axe (Hellscream's decapitator) and probably wouldn't use it on any of her toons, but hey, at least someone got some loot!  I'll think about whether we can 2 heal with Tacky - it might be ok, some people say druids can solo heal it - but we'll definitely need our big DPS to help bring the bacon home.