Raiding - Deep Breaths

I know it's pretty exciting to buy a car.  Asys was very preoccupied with getting finances for his car - I just didn't know HOW preoccupied.  Luxy had school stuff to do this week so she wasn't raiding, and Sabre had fallen off his bike on the weekend and hurt his wrist so he wasn't raiding this week.  Which meant we were really tight on raiders - I had exactly 10.

Last week's Monday raid ended with us not having much time for Garrosh, so we couldn't get it.  I really wanted Dragonray and McTacky to have a normal kill under their belt, but I think that I might have to take them one at a time.  If Tacky is there, we have to 3 heal, which means we need to have super stellar DPS.  This week I really want it to be killed.  Protectors was our stumbling block last week, so this week we decided to do that on normal, and do the rest on heroic.  Immerseus was better this week though we still had a few wipes. Protectors gave me some slight stress when they killed Sun and Rook and He were still >10% health.  But it was normals.... why was I worried! /grumbles at DPS

Norushen was where the hiccups started.  Asys was DPSing but it became clear during the fight that he was not listening or reading.  I set him to go into the zone last because he could lust when he came out. However, when it was his turn to go in... he didn't go in.  I yelled at him on vent, raid warning, whispered, still he didn't go in.  We called for lust... he didn't do it.  OMG that was crap.  Thank god for Nath!  Drums yay!  So we had drums but we were pushing the enrage timer and I think we killed it with 10 seconds to spare.  I decided not to berate Asys and save it till the end of the raid, but he apologised and said that he just managed to sort his finances for his car, which was why he was autoattacking the boss ><

Then Sha came and it was DREADFUL.  I was grumbling at Sev because I said I wanted to get to Galakras today, and he said "it's 2215, we have heaps of time to get to Galakras."  NEVER SAY THAT. OMG we wiped so many times.  We swapped healers from Morz to Asys to see if that improved anything - no it didn't.  Then Asys said he had bad latency (sitting at >2k) and so he logged whilst I found a replacement (clever Asys, he logged before I had a chance to give him a Navi-earful) - I ended up pulling someone from my battletag list - Medio - who wasn't raiding, so he came on his paladin.  After another couple of wipes we got it, but it was the MESSIEST Sha kill I've had.  I am not sure what was wrong - pride was high but I suspect that was because I was trying to keep caught up on dispels and often dispelled when I didn't have the Gift of the Titans, which meant Morz and I had projections before the 30% pride wipe.  At least he got his trinket from Sha, and yet another tier chest that nobody really needed for mainspec.  So no Galakras, but we were up from last week, so that's good.  Feeling confident for a Garrosh go this week!


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