PvP - A nice round of 3v3 this week

This week Sev and I did something we have never done before - we decided to try to PuG someone for 3v3 from trade chat.  Surprisingly, we just asked in trade once and  we had a reply from an unholy DK. We actually did very well - we didn't use vent but just set targets in chat, and it actually went reasonably well.  We managed to cap and the DK was pretty chuffed - he was in it for his 100 wins.  I guess once he hits 100 wins, we'll have to remove him from our friends list.  We asked him which mount he was going to get and were slightly disappointed to hear that he was going for the rainbow pony.  Besides his bad taste in PvP mounts, it's great to have an extra person to be able to arena with.  The dot spread from the two of them was great for wearing out their healers, but unfortunately, the usual issues with LoS because I was trying to chase a melee lost us a few games.  But overall, it was a great run.  Not bad for our first PuG!  Beginner's luck at trade chat, I guess :)

Then last night after Flex we did some arenas with Medio/Viralyn.  We had a slow start, with 3 losses in 4 games, but we picked up after that.  I had a rage at Sev after he continually ran out of my line of sight and forced me into the open instead of hiding behind my pillar, and he shot back that the other healer was at least healing the warlock pet.  After that, we had a better run, Sev was better with his range and I was better with pet healing (when the pet wasn't being line of sighted as it chased a healer who was pillar humping).  We had an abyssmal effort against a triple DPS - I was very disappointed in myself.  Normally our team does well against triple DPS.  It was a boomkin, warlock and warrior (I think, could have been hunter) and they decided to focus on the boomkin who just would not die.  I ended up getting smashed despite all my cooldowns, heals, deterrence even.  We came across them again and had much better results killing the warlock.

We also had some long games - there was one with a resto shaman, warlock and I forget the other DPS, but it was a really long match.  Early in the fight we were at the disadvantage, with our health going down and I was having issues with being cc'd a lot so I had a lot of mana.  Then the boys got their cooldowns back and switched to a different target, and the shaman's mana was going down.  We did well, and after what felt like 15 minutes, we got them.  I was satisfied with that win, but Medio was not - he is an instant gratification sort of guy, I think and prefers short matches.  I remember one team with a druid, shaman and a DK or warrior, who had massive amounts of health - they were all 630-700k - and I was freaking out at first, but Medio said they're probably in PvE gear, which they were.  They didn't hit us for much and they went down easily even though the heal output of the druid was really good.  Guess all that resilience stuff does help!  Another memorable game was one against a double stealth team - feral druid and rogue - with a priest healer, and they also went down easily.

We at least got over the 1800 points cap and now we're into the extra points which is great!  Now if only I could get into some YOLO BGs - Sev's friend Scruff does them, and perhaps he can take Sev along and I can tag along too!