PvP - 3s with a hunter surprisingly good!

Raid finished a little early, and so Sev and I decided to hit up arenas and try our hand at 2s again. It was ugly... AGAIN.  15 minutes of battle culminating in a loss and a lot of expletives from my end as I snarled and swore at him for running out of line of sight whilst I was cc'd and if he'd just stayed where I could see him, he could have gotten an instant heal in between cc's. It reminded us why we hate 2s and we do not want to do 2s.

Medio from Concur on Blackrock was still online and I complained that I wish he would PvP.  He had already bailed us out in heroic Sha of Pride when Asys logged because of latency >2k (more on that later) with a godawful messy kill and I felt a bit reluctant to ask him to play with us again.  He said that he did PvP, and he did arena.  He declined to play with me the last time I asked, so I expected him to decline again, but he said he would come and PvP on his hunter.  Mentally, I rolled my eyes.  Whenever we take his hunter to Flex, he ALWAYS dies.  But, he said he had some prideful gear on it, so I thought, why not.  We hadn't done 3s with a hunter before, and it couldn't be worse than 2s.

As usual, I bristled when he joined group because he loves poking fun at me by wearing his Proven Healer title on his hunter.  I couldn't turn names off, so I just had to put up with looking at it. And he has had a lot of arena experience in previous seasons.  We did really well - we managed to hit conquest cap after 12 games - meaning we lost only 2 games.  It felt like we'd lost more than that, but we had some pretty good games - the double dot combo with some nice burst from a hunter (who also had good survivability) wore our opponents down, and paladins had a hard time keeping up after medium length matches and were worn out by the dot damage (he was playing survival spec).  Sev liked having the slow traps around rather than ice blocks because of his dots (which is why I have found it a little hard, as it means I shouldn't cyclone much as we're relying on dots to war people down).  It's nice to heal a hunter in deterrence - like healing a mage with iceblock - and it was nice to have one on our team for a change.

I think one of the other reasons why it went well, was because spell reflect, silences and antimagic shield don't affect hunters as much as it did our full caster team.  Of course it affects a little bit but at least Medio could still deal out some damage.  It was also good because he would be a nice target for the other team - having him trained rather than me or Sev was great, leaving me to keep healing and Sev to keep chasing people around.

Some of the teams we had were more cautious than usual.  It might have been because of our low Match Making Rating having Medio there.  There were a few teams with a melee that liked hiding behind the pole at the start of the match, so Sev put the gate down, they waited 2 charges and the off they went and fear bombed them out whilst I stealthed over.  One time Sev got kicked back by a trap when he gated (I think), and that was kinda funny.

Medio was surprisingly pleasant and complimented Sev and I on our DPS and heals. It's not hard to heal when I'm not the focus and I don't think I had to deal with many purges from shamans.

I'm slowly getting used to using the warlock teleport instead of my iceblock symbiosis.  I am trying a lot harder to keep it in range so I can use it, and yesterday I did a lot better with at least 70% of the time actually having a successful port.  It does often mean yelling at Sev to stop chasing people.  I think the worst game we had was with a warrior/DK/resto druid (to be honest I can't remember what the healer was) as the melee mowed me down but the next time we encountered that DPS combo I took tree form instead and it went a lot better.

Hopefully Sev and I made a good impression on Medio so he will come back and arena with us more!  And for once, I'm not yelling kill the hunter.  I still miss Shab though - I wonder if he reads this and feels sad that he's missing out on all the action!