Minipost: What the hell - did someone say Frostwolves was for sale?

It was funny enough that Scion came to us asking about a merger - at least they were willing to move INTO the guild.  I had a tell from a level one toon on Thursday, asking me if I'd consider a merger with Ominous.  At least the guy was polite!  The funny thing was, his name was Liightalt, and I thought that he was the paladin friend of Falln's who was in Scion so I was chatting to him like I knew him, and then he asked me if I wanted to guild merge with Ominous.  I even said to him "Why are you asking me that?  Your guild asked me about a merge today!  Did you move guilds?"  I still thought it was Liight.

Liightalt asked me which guild, and I said Scion, and then as he talked I realised oops this isn't that person I knew, it was someone else entirely!

Suddenly, I had to put my GM hat on.  Politely I told him that we had no plans to leave our guild, our guild is really important to us, and there is a large raiding and social component to our guild.  He said to me, "That's really cool of you.  Do you think perhaps you could leave your alts behind in the guild to keep the social part and move your raiders over?"  Hell no! You know my feelings on that - that kind of behaviour breaks guilds, because then it's seen like there's a group who think they're too good to be with everyone else and resentment sets in. Besides, as if we'd do that with a bunch of strangers.

I can already hear the other officers screaming "Over my dead body! Alliance no way!"

I politely declined, saying that it goes against our whole guild ideals, but I thanked him for considering us for his offer.  He thanked me as well for being so polite about it, and I wished him luck for his search.

I said in officer chat afterwards "What the hell, did someone say Frostwolves is for sale or something?  I just got another proposition!"  To which HK replied "Perhaps they read your blog..."

I highly doubt that :D


  1. Dunno .. it looks suspiciously like someone had read (or heard) about your considerations for future raiding .. the fact that they contacted you from a level 1 alt seems highly suspicious at the least .. personally I would never treat seriously contact from a level 1 when it involves something like guild management or raiding. Gotta be a high level toon or I just don't believe them :-)

    1. Actually, he was pretty genuine - they're Alliance so they wouldn't have a high level toon on horde side. And there is an officer in that guild named LIight, so I thought he was serious.

      LOL, if everyone never seriously took note of a level 1, my Navispams would all be in vain! :D

    2. Haha .. true, there is that :-) I can quite happily chat with any level person for most things, but I would have been initially suspicious of a level 1 taking about guild moves. I obviously mis-read your post a bit and when you mentioned about "Alliance" immediately my brain went towards "guild alliance" rather than faction :p

  2. WTS slightly used Guild. Claims to be Casual, but do Heroic Modes. Has Funny Druid Guild Leader. PST with offers. Serious inquiries only.

    1. You forgot to say slightly used, but excellent condition!


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