Raiding - A quiet raid week

So it's the start of a new raid week, and I feel a bit sad that Aimei can't tank.  Exray has transferred his warrior over here and so he's tanking, and it's actually pretty nice to have a warrior in the raid.  That means no more free innervates for me!

Sev and Sabre were happy to take a break today and play other games (or watch cricket) and so Nath and Jazz came along to iron out their crumpled raid clothes and work out their rusty DPS skills.  They did pretty well, I thought.  I did have a slight moment of panic when it was 8 minutes till raid time and they still hadn't logged on... but they made it phew.

Exray's warrior picked up TONS of gear for offspec.  So much plate drops that just get wasted, it was nice to have someone pick up the bits and pieces.  Kyxyn finally replaced his Flex tier gloves with normal Tier, and Luxy was forced to take a warforged neck.  Jazz got a warforged ring from Galakras and Morz even took a regular ring (not sure why - I thought he even had a heroic ring already).  I just ended up with a bag full of gear to DE!  And you know what, a warforged caster shield dropped and nobody wanted it.  Man!

We actually did Norushen on heroic but the rest was on normal.  Asys seemed happy because he not only got to tank on his druid, but he DPS'd on his shaman AND healed, so he had a bit of variety to keep him happy.  It was good that he was on his druid anyway, so I didn't have to scold him for using his shaman pop at inappropriate times.

So we finished the night with Malkorok.  We actually two tanked Dark Shaman for the first time in forever (OMG I have Frozen music in my head now!) and it was so much faster but people die more.  And it's hectic LOL.  Jazz and Nath said they'd never done it any other way so it probably felt comforting to them.

"For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be fun..!" - Anna from Frozen
Two more guilds with friends of mine in them collapsed this past week, and another had collapsed the week before that.  When I mean collapsed, I mean they stopped raiding - they had raiders leave and then that was the end of it. The mercenary part of me thought "Ooh, I can grab some of them to join Frostwolves and fill up our numbers!" but I don't know if they would be happy here. Both were Alliance guilds - some people are as fixed on being alliance as we are being Horde.  If Frostwolves collapsed (I don't see that happening in the near future!) then I think it would be really hard for me to transfer to Alliance - I don't think I could do it! All three guilds were heroic guilds, and it just goes to show the pressure that comes with the changes coming in WoD.  I mean, just reading about it makes my stomach feel like there's a stone sitting heavily in it.  I think I will have to explore those thoughts in another post - and not clutter up my raid diaries with my emotions!


  1. Uhhhh, Navi, at least 3/4 of the reason we read your raid diaries is for your emotions.....don't cut that out!

    1. It's still coming! Just need to have my posts more organised in categories :)

  2. Hi, I was wondering what Alliance guilds you are referring to that have collapsed? I play alliance on Saurfang and am very curious to know!



    1. Hi Bronebeard! LOL I thought your name was a typo but when I armoried you, you really WERE Bronebeard! The alliance guilds I am talking about are not collapsed exactly (they just stopped raiding) and they aren't on our server - they were from Nagrand and Proudmoore, it just happened to be the ones my friends were in. Thanks for visiting! I am honoured to be visited by a member of the other faction!
      /slaps all guildies who have no manners and scream traitor at her


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