Raiding - Not bad for the week that I thought would be crap!

I was worried about what this week would bring.  Kyxyn said that we should do all normals this week since he wasn't here - but I wasn't convinced.  There were a few fights which would be tough, but I still wanted to do our farm heroics this week to get the gear so that the week wasn't a total waste.  Owl was bringing his tank who was about 553 or something-ish so it wasn't too bad, really!  And that's his DK, not his warrior. And he knows the fights.

I also thought this would be a good time to have Nath and Jazz come in - hey if Owl is learning to tank it, why not have them learn some heroics too! I wondered about whether to get Tacky in, and I did ask him to stand by on Wednesday, but when I thought about it, it was a bit of an ask to go from Flex to heroic.

Wednesday was a TOUGH day.  At first, it was just me and Morz healing and we wondered if we could do it, and we gave it a couple of goes and maybe we could have done it if we had our usual team, but it was just too hard.  DPS felt a little slow too, and the final phases were a struggle trying to get all the blue blobs - that would have been an issue I think that would have slowed the kill.  So we got Asys in and Sev sat out, and we bashed at it some more.  Bad swirls, bad spouts and adds killing people were issues as well.  Aimei ended up swapping their taunting and so he was getting the adds and that seemed a lot better and eventually we got it down.  Yay for Aimei getting his staff!  I took the ring but really, it should have gone to Luxy.

Then it was onto Protectors. Owl's DK didn't have the interrupts that Kyxyn had and so we wiped a bit and then Kyxyn was online and offered to help out.  Gladly took him up on that offer!  We had some hairy moments and DPS was a little slow but we got it down, phew.

Thursday came around, and it was the easier heroics, at least for the tanks and heals. The next 3 fights were our 2 healer fights, and so Asys and Morz healed Noru and Sha, and then Morz and I healed Galakras.  All went down in one go - Galakras was a bit hairy at the end - and there were some good loots to be had! Jazz scored warforged Gaze of Arrogance, and Morz got warforged Rime-Rift Shoulders.  and so I told everyone we would move to normals.  Jazz and Nath moved out, and Dragonray, Lominari and McTacky came in and we did up to Nazgrim on normals, which all went ok.  That leaves 2 wings for Monday, and hopefully that will be ok.  I was really pleased with our efforts in heroics and then being able to do normals - perhaps we may get a Garrosh kill this week!  Hope to maximise our DPS for Garrosh, which means 2 healing, and hopefully Tacky is up to it. Garrosh is still a tough fight, and we'll see how many people we can do it with - worst case scenario, I'll take Tacky or Dragonray/Lominari but not be able to do both.  With our tank situation still in the non-progress stage (ie no new heroics) we'll keep at it with the normal farm heroics and gearing up our other future raiders for the rest of SoO - and I don't think that's really a bad way to go.  I was even thinking of selling Garrosh kills - but maybe that's still a few weeks away whilst I get everyone their achievement!


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