Raiding - A fantastic Flex Garrosh kill!

My Flex Garrosh post was a good discussion point for my officers and some of our main raiders, and also for some of our flex raiders, and so we deviated from our usual plan this week, and decided to go straight to Garrosh, so we could do some teaching of Garrosh before we decided to drop people.

The turnout this week was better.  I had 4 excellent guild DPSers there (Sev, Jazz, Nath, Luxy) and everyone else had quite good DPS as well, which made up for our shortfall last week.  And even ZWINGLI came to Flex! He had gotten up an hour before his kids woke up so he could come - and so we hoped that we could try to get him a kill.  In fact, I hoped for all our Flex attendees we would get a kill.  Faith was a bit intimidated by the fight and she didn't feel ready for it so she sat out (but stayed listening so she could learn).

We tried our best to be clear with our explanations (even though Kyxyn felt the need to repeat/translate what I had already said in almost the SAME words I had used...!) and so Blackfuse and Paragons went down nice and easy, no wipes.  Medio (one of Asys' Blackrock friends) brought his crappy hunter who died in both fights which was a big eye roll - a shame we were full on healers because his priest is a much more useful toon.

And so onto Garrosh. Whilst we juggled around a few people to bring some better toons, I did my explanation of how the fight was going to work.  We would have 2 attempts with the full group, and see how we would go. I told them that I did not want to see people dying to Garrosh's purple cone attack, and to focus on making sure that did not happen.  I wanted everyone to follow what we did for the raids, which was stack for phase 1 in the purple pink DIAMOND, and for phase 2 we would start at green then run to purple then run to blue then back to purple - but that would be called out so not to worry.  The final phase when Garrosh turned big and purple we would move closer to Garrosh so we could control the MCs better and hopefully get a kill. Healing cds were sorted and off we went.

Our first attempt was REALLY good.  Except for my bad instructions on standing close to the sha in a dream phase and lost 4 people because of frontal attack - we might have had that.  I couldn't get Jazz up and I'm sure we could have gotten it if she had been there.

So we did it the second time and it was PERFECT.  We got a kill, and we didn't have to drop anyone, and I was so pleased I felt like hugging every member of the raid group.  I congratulated everyone on their kill and when I looked at the DPS, almost everyone had the DPS benchmark.  I think with that good result, we could probably let some of our experienced players bring alts if they wanted to, as long as they met the DPS requirements, but I would still heal on Navi. I think Kyxyn would probably still tank as well, and so would Aimei.  But that was great! The worst part was, as soon as it died, not 20 seconds later, Dragonray and Lom logged on.... oh no! But next week, we will do it again!

We did a quick wing 1 smash after that and then I had to go to bed because I had to be at work on Sunday at 8am.  But I am so happy!  That was the best Garrosh flex kill in my opinion because we didn't have to dump people.  Hopefully now that everyone has the strategy down and they all understand it, it will be smoother on subsequent fights, and maybe we will not have to drop people anymore :)


  1. *second attempt at posting!* ... for some reason this site hates me!

    I experienced garrosh in flex the first time this week and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we didn't manage to down it, but it was very close and certainly do-able, but we had a set end time and some of the raid were having connection/lag problems (including one of the tanks), so we ended up calling it.

    Our of curiosity, what is your DPS benchmark?

    It doesn't affect me a great deal, generally being a healer .. my benchmark is not to be bottom on heals, and to aim for being the last one standing, alongside at least one tank :P (I do cheat on this occasionally tho, as being a holy priest I get to heal whilst dead .. that counts, right?!)

    1. I'm so sorry it's mucking up! Just post as anonymous - I do that when I can't login to reply on my phone :)
      I have seen people quoting averages of 140k dps overall and I think that is a reasonable level. If everyone is doing 140k dps it will be a tough fight and we'd probably have to do it the "proper" way and be super good on our crowd controls. The last phase is a DPS race though and trying to DPS Garrosh AND DPS mind controlled people can just be crazy and one mistake there and the raid is wiped. Healers can get by without too much hassle - and hahaha yes Sprowt cheating and healing as holy whilst dead does count towards healing :P

      The problem with Garrosh is that it's the last phase which kills people. But it takes about 9 minutes to get there, so it's a big time sink!

  2. I was so glad to have made it to the flex raid. I was also certain that I would get seated after a second possible wipe. I also was certain that you would kick me after the first wipe!!! Considering, that I died in the purple stuff that you expressly forbade us to die in. :D

    But, you had mercy and kept me in I guess. :)

    Thanks for the run. I hope that I'm able to join the next flex run as well. Maybe I'll live through all the bosses next time!



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