PvP - Pugging around makes me feel dirty

Sev and I have had a few goes trying to do our arenas - 2s are still frustrating because I can't do anything useful DPS wise, and Sev doesn't like me to cyclone when he's multidotting so roots is all I can do with occasional roar/bash depending on what spec I choose.  But we've had a few goes with different 3s partners.

We played with Dahakha first, on his boomkin.  We usually BG with Dah, but he has only come back to game in the last month or so and is gearing back up but his health is like a massive bullseye on his head because they just target him and smash him down.  We did manage to win one game -  but Dah pointed out to me that the reason we won that one was because the opposing team decided to target me instead of him.

Then we played with Bob's warrior, Stormvoid.  It's got some funny letters in there but I can't be assed typing them so Stormvoid will have to do. He enjoys PvPing on his warrior, and it was different having a melee class there.  Playstyle is so different - with a melee training on a caster/healer, suddenly you seem so free to do things.  That actually went rather well, and I thought double fears with the same diminishing returns would be bad, but actually they weren't that bad.  Bob is rather subdued on Vent, but hey, not everyone can be as animated as Shab when it comes to PvP.  We won a few, we lost a few, but overall it had a good feel. Bob had preferred targets so that made our life easier.

A few days ago we tried some games with Arashikage, who is a friend of Jinjersnaps, a former guildie who went to play with her friends elsewhere.  Another warrior, but when it came to speaking, Bob was a lion compared to Arashi - which meant Arashi was silent most of the time.  He seemed to prefer us telling him what to target, and liked charging off which made me stand out in the open much to my distress.  Still, got a win or two out of that combination.

Arv got on late Saturday night and we did a few games with him.  He apologised later for his lack of gear and skill - but I think we still won a game.  It wasn't THAT bad, but it wasn't going to be brilliant at that gear level, but with work it will get there.

Then last night, I got online but Sev wasn't on so I went and did some challenge mode runs with the Blackrock Concur guys so they could try to better their times.  They're selling their gold challenge modes so they wanted to look good with their times as a guild, and also they're 4 manning them so they can carry someone easier.  I love challenge modes anyway, so I went along but then Sev got on when I was in the midst of one and I had already committed to a few runs so I couldn't PvP, much to my chagrin.  He logged and I said we'd do some on Monday.  Challenge modes finished early, so as I was sitting around writing a blog post I noticed someone was trying to do a YOLO (You only live once) Pug rated BG, so I joined that - not realising it would be AN HOUR before we actually got started as they tried to fill the group and some silly people had deserter buffs on as well.

With no vent and everyone playing like a team (team in the LOOSEST sense of the word - it had a random BG feel to it) and the BG we got was Arathi Basin - yes it's my favourite, but leaving one of only two healers to defend a node is a bit silly if you're trying to attack a node - we didn't do terribly but we didn't do well either. However, losing an RBG still gives you 150 conquest points, so that wasn't a TOTAL waste of time. What surprised me was that whilst I was in the BG I got a whisper from the mage who asked me if I wanted to do some 2s afterwards.

I felt dirty.  I felt like I was cheating on someone.  It's like going out on a date with someone else when you're already seeing someone - though that sounds totally WRONG because it's not like I'm seeing Sev but I do feel like I should at least be FAITHFUL to him... LOL this is getting worse by the minute.  Let me rephrase that paragraph.

It didn't feel right playing with someone I didn't know.  But I was a little curious.  But I decided to play hard to get.  I asked him if his burst was good - because in 2s, once your burst is over as a mage, we're running around twiddling thumbs and cc'ing until they're all up again.  He told me to look at the DPS in the BG and see for myself.  He as also from Aman'thul - and my battletag was full, so I would have to delete someone to make room for him. The game was rapidly approaching its end, so I quickly deleted someone and then sent him a btag request in the last 5 seconds, which he accepted.  And off we went to do some 2s.

This was a true pug, with no vent - perhaps it's not needed because you just say at the beginning who the focus is and who to cc and off you go.  And the mage did something I thought was clever - he used a potion of illusion (I think) on me because there he was, my little double, at the beginning of the arena match.  We only did two matches, but we won both of them - which put me to cap (+ a little bit extra since I did do a rated BG) and a bit of guilt because I should have been doing them with Sev, but it was definitely a different experience playing something as intimate as 2s with a total stranger.  Not sure if I'd do it again, but my first experience of it wasn't that bad, to be honest.  But, at the end of the day, I'd rather play with Sev :)

Now, I hear Putress likes to PvP... I wonder what a double lock + druid combo is like? Afflock and Destro lock, that is.


  1. You did twos with a ... with a ... MAGE? :O

    My arena partner is a swinger. :-(

    1. You know, I was going to comment that it sounds like Navi has embraced the swinger's lifestyle ;-)

    2. I used protection! I deleted him from btag when I was done!

  2. That's a clever little trick with the illusion! Mages have a minor glyph that gives them an illusion spell, I never thought to use it in arenas.


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