Navispam - Rawrrrrr it's Rinike!

Rinike may not read my blog but she sure chats to me a lot on twitter, and she and I have so many blogs that we follow in common that I thought it would be great to see if I could find her!  When I visited MrandMrsWow, she mentioned she was there and I thought ooh, maybe I can find her too!  Luckily for me, she is very active in WoW, and it didn't take me long at all to track her down - she is a member of Druids of the Beast, which is an old and large druid only guild on the EU side.

I sent her a mail in game when I had tracked her down, and she got it LOL!

So the next time I logged on, which was early Saturday morning for me, she was online! But she was in an Ulduar achievement run, which was one of the twitter EU Friday fun runs!  Jojo was there too, and Rinike told me she said hi :) I even got to chat to Godmother as well whilst I was waiting!

When they were done, she came out to see me in Teldrassil, and came in grand style, with the mount she won in The Azerothian contest in early February.

So here we are dancing and looking at the wintry Blossoming Ancient, whom is appropriately named Treebeard - she likes naming her pets for book and movie themes!

Here she is showing me one of her other outfits.  Very nice!

And here with her favourite mount.  It does look good with that outfit!

She was so funny!  She thought it was cool that I visited her because she had this odd notion that I'm famous and I am visiting little ol' her - but I reassured her that 1) I am not famous and 2) Navispam is all about me visiting people who have touched me in my WoW gaming experience - be it from my blog or from twitter!  And she definitely qualifies and it was so amazing to be able to meet her in game and chat about stuff!

Rinike's blog used to be about outfits and stuff, but now she writes about a bit of everything - I like a little bit of everything!  It's really cool to see the twitter raids she does, and also pics from raiding with Druids of the Beast.  And of course, her lovely outfits she likes to post about!  Thank you, Rinike for letting me meet up with you!


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