Minipost: Raiding - Stuck

Wednesday night's run was a really good run.  If you thought the previous week's go when we got four heroic bosses down in one night for the first time was great, when we got FIVE down this week on our first day, that was amazing.  Pretty chuffed!

But Iron Juggernaut is just farming us.  33 wipes and we still haven't made any headway from when we first did it - and we're not sure what else we can do better.  That fight we definitely need 3 good healers and just getting the mechanics of it down is the damn pits.  It was demoralising and we decided that we would just move on from it because 33 attempts with ZERO improvement means we're doing something really wrong and need a break.

So on we went to Nazgrim.  At least that was something different.  Still hard though and omg the damage from Warsong almost needs a healing cooldown!  But it's a 2 heal fight, so there's a bit of a relief I guess, since Asys didn't turn up to raid (maybe he was working).  Wish he'd tell me if he wasn't going to turn up!


  1. We actually 4 heal Iron Juggernaught on 10man heroic, a lot of the damage is avoidable (in a perfect world) but it just means someone who gets a ricochet/lazer burn/mortar blast all at once has a chance of living. Also a predefined healer/damage reduction cd rotation for p2 is essential. Eg we use barrier on the first shock pulse, devo aura on the 2nd, tranq on the 3rd - plus tranq, hymn, totem to heal people up after the pulses - every one uses personal damage cd's and lock rock etc too.

    Nazgrim's a funny fight - is said to be the ins easiest heroic in the raid but we wiped and wiped early over and over until it "clicked". We were dying at 70%, 60% - then got him to 50% then got a kill. So feels very easy once you get the kill, but very hard until then lol. We tank the boss in centre of the room and when adds spawn the ranged cluster near the boss so we know where the assassin will be heading.

    Have a priority list for targets and don't stray from it for any reason. Order of importance is war banner, healing totem, arc weaver, shaman, assassin, sniper, warrior. If tanks swap on boss correctly and banners go down fast you should never get a war song.

    Have one dps keep the arc weaver locked down until it is dead, have a melee keep on and slow the assassin, have a ranged with slows kite the shaman (this is important, if he drops a healing totem and a melee is near it - the boss can leap on the melee and get healed), tank picks us the warrior, a healer will have the sniper so they go stand by a wall and wait for dps to kill arc weavers, shamans, assassins first before getting help.

    Need to kill 10 waves of adds, then when he goes into his 3rd defensive stance - lust and burn him down. Hit him hard and fast so he only spawns ravagers (much easier to deal with at that stage of the fight than the other abilities). When he hits 10% will spawn 5 adds - off tank picks up as many as they can and everyone else tunnels boss. Win.

    1. Cool! Thanks Sven - that's a really detailed explanation and I hope to see if we can give it a go today. Gosh, 4 healing will have to wait till next week - but I was keen to give it a try.


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