Minipost: Raiding - Now that was a crappy raid week

With only 2 days of raiding, and Galakras laughing at us it didn't leave us much time for some attempts at Iron Juggernaut, and tempers were a little short. Unfortunately, I hope nobody will take it to heart - to be honest, I was too busy berating myself for my idiotic dying to notice much of what was being said, but if anything had been really out of line I would have jumped on it right away.  I missed Galakras because I was trying

Wednesday was good - we had some confusion about whether we had done 4 bosses in a night before, and though we thought we had, we actually hadn't.  I missed that night, but I am not DYING for any loot except for rings, which will eventually come with time.

I had asked Nath and Jazz to come for Thursday but unfortunately she wasn't well and we ended up canning the raid.  I was late home too that night.

Asys seems to be in good spirits with healing again - but I think that come WoD he will be going DPS, which hopefully will keep him in good spirits. At least Morz will still be healing, but other than Luxy's priest, I am not sure where I will find another healer in the mean time.  But who knows who or what will pop up between now and then! At least for now we're doing ok.

So, here's hoping this week's raiding will be better.  But if it's not... at least I can still play Hearthstone.