Minipost: Bye Shab till WoD!

Shab said he was unsubbing till WoD - or until he gets the itch to play again.  Sev and I were sad to see our 3s teammate go - now how are we going to finish our 3s games for the season so we can get the rainbow pony!

So off I went to try to find someone who would play 3s with us.  Not many people like to arena, and we wanted it to be someone that we could get along with.  I asked Luxy but she's pretty busy these days, and I also asked Sars and Bob if they were free, so me and Sev might have a bit of learning time playing with a warrior and a shaman.  I'm anxious, wondering how it will go this week.  I know that I don't have the most pleasant vocabulary when I'm arenaing - and it's not that I'm blaming anyone in the team when I am screaming "GET THESE #$%!ing GUYS OFF ME!!!" but I just get a little bit excited, sometimes.

So, wish us luck for this week as we wear in our new arena teammates (who are no doubt arena veterans, so we will have to get used to them as well!)  I tell you, it would be awesome having someone on my team who can do the purging and frogging for once!

And it's not a total goodbye to Shab - he's still in D3 so I'll see him on battlenet most evenings!


  1. I hope you find an arena mate soon! I only recently started PvP and I love it. No horde 90s or I'd offer to help out. I'm having a different issue in arena now- one of my teammates gave up complaining for lent, and arenas can really have an effect on him. So I am hesitant, for his health, to ask him for games.

  2. Oh wow, thats sad that they decided to put down there swords now =(. I wish you good luck in finding new arena team mates Navimie! I tried PvP before not it's not really fitting me haha! But im sure theres lots of really great PvPer out there. Take it easy!

  3. As much as I love getting overly excited during games and annoying Sev, I'm going to miss being a part of team Shadow Wolves. Lol at my "Training dummy" title on the picture, although it does seem quite apt since I felt like a punching bag most of the time. I mean, who's silly idea was it to always kill the mage!? Looking forward to reading about your future arena adventures.

  4. We'll miss you Shab. ;-)

    You're the most organised member of the team, studying strats, checking out the best mods ... I'm surprised you had that major mistake in your post - they don't go for the mage, they go for the warlock!

    1. No way! They go for the mage because they know how much more deadly and superior they are. Navi will surely back me up...


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