How to play Hearthstone like a noob

  1. AFK in a PvP match and come back to find you made no moves and you have 3 health and the enemy has a table full of minions...
  2. End your turn and realise you forgot to use any of your minions attacks
  3. Pick up a spell card, go to put it back and then accidentally put it on top of your hero, causing damage to yourself (yay fireball to self... /facepalm)
  4. Go to heal a minion, and then realise it was wasted because it was full health already
  5. Click on your opponent, wondering what Squelch is.  Oh, why didn't anyone tell me that was a rude thing to do?!
  6. Always running out of cards!
  7. Play a hunter and not realise that you should put beast cards in the deck...
  8. Always forgetting I have a hero ability!
  9. Always feeling like I MUST play something first go
But I had a nice pack opened the other day! Who knew you could have so many shinies in one pack! But then I watched some hearthstone videos and some people had 2 legendaries and an epic in their packs. But hey, this was the nicest pack I've had so far!


  1. Oh my gosh Navi I did all those things, and more. But, wins are wins! Great post as usual

    1. can't get many wins playing like a noob!

  2. At least you won't be as likely to do any of these things again, except for afking during a match.

  3. haha ... perhaps that was you I was playing against the other day .. I didn't realise you could fireball yourself until an opponent did it :p I've just started playing a bit more, but its still VERY confusing to me!

  4. Don't forget buffing your opponents minions!


  5. Ooh! Defender of Argus.. I love that guy :D I never got him though, had to waste my previous dust to craft him.

    I've done a lot of those things too. Especially forgetting to attack with something. One of my classic mistakes, that I make a LOT is to forget to drop my Flesh Eating Ghoul BEFORE killing the minions. (He gets buffed for every minion that dies. So I kill a bunch of minions.. drop him.. then facepalm cause omg he could have had 10 damage at this point!)

  6. I never won a single game to acquire the mount yet. Any tips as im only level 13 with a mage card and that is all. Im sad! lol but thanks for sharing this navimie! <3

  7. Amer, check out the icy viens site for all basic decks. At your skill level, that should get you some wins. Also, remember its a card game, if you have anyting in your hand that is for late game or you don't have a card that you can play T1 or T2, flush the hand and get another 3-4 cards.


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