Flex raiding - Yet another good week! I could get used to this!

I fell asleep before Flex again and had Aimei wake me up - Kyxyn was worried coz our numbers were a little low.  But there was no need to panic - we ended up with a nice solid number of 18 people and most had done it with us before.  I was healing with Luxy's priest and McTacky and I wanted to see if that would go ok!  And it did.

Ala had his first go on the belts in Blackfuse and Rip went with him (with Nova as the other person) but next time Ala could do it without the hand holding, he said.  It went chaotically ok - and Tacky's healing was really good!  He had been working on it a lot since that bad Garrosh we did a few weeks ago, and he has going in leaps and bounds since then. My meters showed him doing more healing than me but others said I was a little ahead - but it was a huge difference and I was super pleased, I always feel thrilled when someone starts to pick up and do really well!

Paragons was easy and then onto Garrosh.  Now would you believe that we one shot Garrosh!  That was pretty cool! Damage was quite high as well and we managed to get to the final phase before he threw out too many empowered things.  Aimei got his heirloom pig sticker and was quite happy about that I think.

We decided to do Wing 3 and that went well too - except for Thok because we were trying for the achievement but didn't do very well - oh well, next week!  Faith came in for Wing 3 and she stayed right till the end, and I am glad she stayed because she was worried she wouldn't be able to do it because of movement or something.

Poor Tacky, I think he was so focussed on healing and not stuffing up that he didn't hear Kyxyn say that we weren't going to do anything to prolong phase 1 because we needed the fight to drag out for the achievement.  But Tacky popped Devotion aura every time he could - it didn't make any difference though, so it wasn't a big deal, but what made me laugh later was when we decided to abandon the achievement and do it on normal, and Kyxyn told Tacky to do Devo aura on the next roar and Tacky cheerfully said "I have been doing Devo aura every time I can!" and I couldn't help it, I was laughing my head off, because he was so earnest and wanting to help not realising that it wasn't what we wanted at all!  But it wasn't anything big, it was just a funny thing and I think it was just me who found it more funny than anyone else.

In the end we did it on normal as raiding was coming to a close.  That's pretty good - 2 hour raid with 2 wings down including Garrosh - wewt! Grats to all the winners of shinies - you know, Flex is so fun, I really look forward to Saturday raids as they're just a nice chillout place to be and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


  1. I had fun! But my (pixelated) heal chats in my post show you way ahead!


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