Flex Raiding - That must have been the longest raid I've done in a while...

We did our first Saturday guild Flex run and it went a LITTLE longer than i thought.  We ended up doing 3 wings - 1, 3 and 4.  That took 4 hours!!!  I've decided that I don't want to do that again, and we'll just do 2 wings.

We had quite a good turnout.  Luxy's friends came from Barthilas (well, 2 of them - Hellborn and Putress) and also Falln's friend Light, who brought a friend as well.  Rip was there and he even tanked for us which was rather nice of him, I thought!

Wing 1 as usual went down nicely, and Wing 3 had a few hiccups.  Can you believe that we wiped on Spoils... TWICE?  Now that was weird, and a bad sign to start!  Amazingly, Thok was heaps easier!  I had to laugh at Nath because I said to him that as our token hunter, he was going to do amazing DPS and that he'd better not die... and guess who died... lol YEP.  As punishment, he was assigned to Garrosh engineer duty.

Wing 4 we had to drop a few people, as the Garrosh's health was really high and our lower geared players couldn't keep up the damage to help get it down.  Dahakha and Chihako had to drop, as well as Lushnek as his arm was giving him a lot of pain.  The first few goes we had with everyone around, there was issues with the MCs getting out of hand.  We did the stack method which worked well if people killed the weapon quickly, but boy was it hard to heal without it!  After the Garrosh's health dropped by a fair bit after we dropped three people, and it wasn't surprising that we got it after that.  And OMG, guess what, I got an heirloom!  However, I still had my loot spec set to feral, so I got the feral staff - but that's ok, I'll probably use that!  Arv came for Garrosh and he got an heirloom too!  Unfortunately, so did Sev, but he already had the normal version heirloom so I'm not sure what he would do with that other one!

I was happy to finally get to see Jazz and Nath raiding and what kind of numbers they could generate.  Jazz actually did a fair bit of healing as shadow which was good for my side in Spoils.  LOL, I still can't believe we died in that!

But I was sad because it was clear that after that run, Lushnek/Aimei would not be able to play for a while, or at least rest that arm for a period.  I hope that the next raid week goes well.  Geez, tanks and their tendonitis!  Is this the Frostwolves tank curse??

Anyway, with this funny week, I was hoping to get Jazz and Nath in to raid.  Maybe Ala if he is around. But, let's see how this goes first - we might have to sit a few people - and I am sure there will be a few volunteers when everyone realises we're doing mostly normals this week.


  1. Ah good, im glad lightt got to do a flex with you guys and i hope he went ok. As for me, im taking a break from wow for a bit. I just wasn't enjoying SoO any more so i thought i would give Elder Scrolls Online a go when it comes out and play that until warlords arrives.


    1. Liight not lightt! And man he has that funny i in it as well just to make it more annoying! I saw Gutsy and Souglyy came back to Saurfang Falln, but they're in Scion and seem to be having a good time there - hope you enjoy Elder scrolls and see you in WoD!

  2. Grats on the staff! I was starting to think they were a myth...!

    1. Thanks Mrandmrswow! I was surprised to get it - and a bit annoyed that I set my loot spec wrong...


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