The only thing that disappointed me about Blizzcon - my plushie stuff up

One of the things that I really wanted from the Blizzcon store was the reversible plushie Baneling.  I love reversible toys!  I have a chicken that turns into an egg which is rather cool.  It's like two toys for the price of one!
But, at Blizzcon it was all sold out!  The lines for the Blizzstore were insane anyway, I wish we'd thought to do that earlier when we were there.  However, all was not lost!  You could still log into the Blizzstore online and purchase some of the things, so I really wanted my Baneling and I wanted to give some away as presents for my friends who didn't go to Blizzcon, so I ordered 3.  Of course, the damned things shipped whilst we were still in the US, and we missed the delivery but we got them redelivered.

Imagine my dismay when I opened the box to find 3 Pandaren instead of 3 Banelings!

Now the problem with THAT is that The Pandaren cost US$25 each and the Baneling cost US$35 each.  I put in a ticket and someone said they would deal with it, and I also sent an email about the error - if you look at the packing slip it even SAYS Banelings but there are clearly 3 Pandas.  They are cute I suppose... but they're not Banelings :(

However, months have gone by and I had no response.  The shipping back to US is so expensive that it wasn't worth me sending them back anyway to have them reshipped.  So, now I am stuck with 3 Pandas, which will probably end up finding homes with my friends as gifts. (LOL I think that's ruined my surprise, if any of my readers in Australia see this and they get one, they'll go OMG those are one of Navi's LEFTOVER BLIZZCON PANDAREN!)

I couldn't stand not having a Baneling, and now I have to buy one for an EXORBITANT price from ebay. Sigh, I should have been more aggressive about it, but perhaps maybe one day, some silver lining will come from this rainy day.  I guess I'll celebrate when my Baneling comes and I can put it with the rest of my plushie collection.


  1. blizzard has them in their store , although I am not sure they ship to Australia

    1. OMG Brilliant! Thank you Obscure Fox! though now what do I do with my exorbitantly priced one...

  2. Eeesh that sucks bigtime. Something like this happened to me in the past on another website, but I was aggressive about it and got what I had originally bought, and a gift certificate as an apology. I hate having to be aggressive because it's not the fault of the individual I'm talking to, but you never know if the situation can wind up like this with almost total silence on the other end. And if the problem was on their end and not mine, I shouldn't have to be aggressive to get the problem fixed, but I did. Sorry this worked out this way, that seriously, seriously sucks.

    At least they're in Blizzard's shop now! Though that kind of slightly takes away from their limitedness. As for your ridiculously overpriced one, I suggest you have a crown made for him and make him worth the money you payed.


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