Raiding - Thoughts on how we can do better on Galakras and Protectors

Protectors still seems so busy to me.  I've got Morz and I still doing dispels but when things get so busy we get distracted and forget.  Aimei is hating tanking at the moment as he is still getting gouged and He runs off and smacks someone else (usually Lushen or Aza) and Morz is using his bubble on Misery.  With healing rain and Efflo on the ground, it's a little hard to see the Noxious poisons and the one of the last attempts the damned desecrated ground was inside the barrier and some of us ran into the bubble but took damage from the desecrated ground.  There were some good attempts, but next week we will probably focus on that more.  We switched it back to normal and I saw the PureheartedCricket cage for the first time, so I took that.  Yay for getting some haste back!

I sat out for Norushen and it took a few goes as there were some hiccups here and there.  It went down ok, so that was good, and Sabre got MORE heroic mail and nobody wanted the mail caster legs so they were sharded.  However, Aza rolled Untainted Guardian's Chain and Lushen got Reality Ripper Ring, so they were happy.

I mentioned how to do the Sha achievment, which was have the two people with Gift of the Titans stand closest to the add at the back so that when it dies, we get its corruption (but because we have gift, we don't GET corruption) and luckily, it was me, Luxy, Owl getting Gift most of the time so we could move ourselves to the right position, and we got our achievement, yay!

We had a stickybeak at Galakras.  Kyxyn said that the mechanics are mostly the same but the adds have more health, hit harder etc.  And so we went at it and there were a couple of little changes which I didn't quite appreciate.  Goblin sappers run up to the door and you have to defend them from the baddies as they get stunned and even killed when you don't look after them.  Sev and Sabre stayed up to babysit them, and I went up to heal them.  Then when we went into the tower, you really have to kill those adds SUPER FAST. The drakes are shooting everyone so hard they're dying because we need to get that tower down ASAP.  I might look into that to see if there's anything else I can do to help, or if I should stay down the bottom and help heal - but if the drakes are doing big damage there isn't much I can do about that.  Oh there was one other small thing - there were patches of purple on the ground from .. something... they did tell me, but I forget what (the word I'm thinking of is nightstalkers but I don't think that was what it was).  Anyway, just more crap to not stand in. We didn't get far but we'll probably only look at that again after we get Protectors down - if we get it down next week.

I have also been wondering if this is what we should be doing.  Wiping continuously on bosses week after week is progression and expected, but I think that maybe once every few weeks (like 3 or 4) we spend one day doing progression wing 1 and spend the other days getting the rest of the bosses down and clearing to Garrosh.  I could still use some upgrades... /cough trinket and it would also help some Raked get some gear so he can sub in if needed on heroic fights.  I did wonder if I should PuG SoO on Tuesday before reset but do I REALLY want to be raiding 6 days a week?  BLEH!


  1. It's sometimes scary how closely our guild mirror each other. We're still having troubles with protectors but we did get that Swallow your Pride achievement this week. And there's been discussion that next week we're not going to work on heroics but instead blow though the place, kill Garrosh, and maybe gear up some people who don't usually get the chance to raid with us but we'd like to be able to use as subs.

    Anyway, Grats on your kills! Hope good things drop for you and the others in your raid next week.

  2. I think we are doing great! 2 weeks and 2 heroic bosses is an awesome start.
    This is progression and I am loving it!

    The Tyrant


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