Raiding - Taking Pride in our work

We were having bashes at Heroic Sha of Pride yesterday and it just felt like we weren't getting anywhere. We were consistently getting to 50% or so and people would die to Bursting Pride, or not getting their debuff off... Morz and I were pretty good with our dispels but when things got hectic it got a little crazy as we tried to keep dispels up and heal everything as well, and trying to get everyone ready for Bursting and swelling.

Sabre came along and he hadn't done Sha before but Kyxyn forgot that and was about to pull when I piped up about Sabre's little secret.

"Oh, that's fine," said Kyxyn.  "All you have to do is hit the boss."
Then came the loud chorus from the rest of us.
"What about the maze?" said Aza.
"And he has to DPS the projection as well, don't forget that!" said Owl.
"And the add at the back! You can't forget that!" I said.
"And the rifts?"
"Hey, I was getting to that! I hadn't finished yet!" said Kyxyn.
"But you said ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HIT THE BOSS!" we all sang out.
"God, the lack of respect around here...." said Kyxyn.

Even Alariantha was laughing in Vent listening to our raid.

Getting rifts would also give us pride, and it was getting a bit full on trying to get all the dispels and rifts and when one of us healres was in the maze it would get a little bit hairy.  Sabre's first time in the maze made me feel better.  I think he might have tied with me for the equal shortest time surviving in the Pacman Maze.  And yeah, he turned around, like I did.  And when I was inside I was proud of myself for not dying. I had even forgotten to mouse turn - so I kb turned it.  I said to myself I would have to fix that when I finished the raid.

Aza was grouchy that we didn't dispel him.  But Morz and I dispel on cooldown so we are often struggling when idiots people run out of range for dispelling and the our so we have an 8 sec cooldown that's 5 seconds late because of range issues, so that when the next lot comes out we can't get them off straight away. But after looking at what was killing us, Morz and I made some adjustments.

He started calling out when Pride bursts were coming, so then both of us would clean off Marks before the burst and also people would stop trying to get a rift as well just before burst. I'd use a healing CD for one bursting and then save the other for the sub 30%.  Our pride was getting nuts.  I stopped running to help release people because I didn't want to miss heals on tanks or topping up people with the mark whilst we waited for our dispel cooldowns to be up.

So after an hour of wiping at 50%, our next one was at 37%.  That was really encouraging!  We had one attempt to 30% but most of the raid was dead by then and the tanks were trying to get it to 29% to say we had made progress.  But, the NEXT attempt we had everyone up at 30% and we bloodlusted and started going all out.  Thank goodness Morz and I had healing CDs up, so we had a tranq and a barrier to use for some times of big damage, and OMG we killed Sha!  Guild spam!!!!

We were so happy!  I didn't think that we'd get it tonight, I thought we'd be working on it and hopefully get it on Monday.  Kyxyn told me I was being a pessimist, but he and Aimei are just standing happily up that other end and have no idea what crazy running around is going on down the other end.

And the LOOT!  Wow, we had so many lucky rolls!  Luxy and Morz both rolled a Gaze of Arrogance (though poor Luxy would rather have a MH and shield than a 2H), Lushen rolled a Tier chest (WTB Lushen's lucky dice, OMG he rolled a loot on just about every heroic boss this week!) and I got the Tier chest and Kyxyn got Greatsword of Pride's Fall for offspec.  His ret gear has a higher ilvl than his tank gear!

Kyxyn is right - Vanquisher drops more than any other token.  But I'm not complaining!  Congratulations Frostwolves!  This has been an amazing week!  Onto Galakras!


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