Raiding - Mixing it up a bit

Asys had thought about sitting out to make room for others, and also to help one of his friends who was thinking of transferring, so I asked Owl to heal for a week.  Asys felt that it was always the same people who sit out, and he felt bad for them, so he wanted to take his turn to sit out rather than insist some of the others sit out.

It took us a few goes on Immerseus - Aimei's got tendonitis or something so his left arm is sore, and we had to figure out who was healing what.  I ended up on tank duty which was not as bad as I thought, though I had to take a few goes to figure out where to stand, especially for Swirl since I couldn't use displacer anymore.  But, we got it down!

Protectors was also hairy.  We ended up having to drop Raked and bring Luxy in so we could manage the interrupts better and having 2 melee was a bit crappy.  Luxy killed Owl by passing him the Mark of Anguish, not realising he was heals and I remember thinking OMG GET RID OF THAT, but he just went splat instead.  Mana was tight in that fight - bleh, really missing the shaman there!

Norushen at least was easyish after the hard work in Protectors.  I was naughty and wanted to bloat my heals so I asked Morz if I could go into the zone, when really he should have gone so he could do some damage as well.

Come Thursday though, and we had lag, sore elbows and weird DC and a restart affecting our raid.  So we ended up calling it and rescheduled for Saturday, which means Flex will be super quick this week and we're going to skip Wing 4.

Hope things go well on Saturday!  But it was pretty good that we got 3 down at least!


  1. I had the Mark first so I was super scared when it came back to me!


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