Raiding - Galakras, your ass is GRASS!

On Kyxyn's recommendation, I've started watching Warcraft Academy's heroic guides.  They are concise, factual and the guy has a great speaking voice and the videos are informative.  Though, I wish they would hide their chat - all their realIDs pop up in the video!  Fatboss ones were good, but they do tend to make you feel a bit crap because you're "pretty hopeless if you need more than x healers for this encounter" if you can't push it.

Asys had to sit out coz we were one healer over.  But he came back for Iron Juggernaut (after much nagging and whispers), swapping with Sabre.

Kyxyn wanted this 2 healed and I thought that it was probably doable - the main issues we had last time had to do with the tower. The DPS had to kill the mobs and jump in the turret really quickly otherwise the drakes up the top would one shot people - which is what they did last time.  So we decided to have 3 DPS go in the first tower with a tank and healer, and have one person guarding the other tower and the rest on the ground. We wiped when we did it that way (me in tower), so Aza said I was probably better on the ground and so Morz went up the tower instead it actually worked a lot better.  We lived through our first tower!  Going up the second tower was easy because once the team went up, Aza came down and helped with the adds.  We got through that and then it was time to get Galakras down.  The Warcraft academy video did the two lines for fireball sharing so we did that - tower team was on the left, and everyone else right.  In the video their placement of the Efflorescence managed to cover both teams but it wasn't working like that for us and I felt like it was wasted.  We wiped at 9% but we hadn't sorted our healer cooldowns right so we thought we'd do it better the next go. And yeah... next go, it was better.  I gave up on everyone standing in the Efflorescence and moved it so it covered my line - Morz can use his bubble on his own side.  And it went DOWN!  It really was easier than I thought it would be - just the tower was the hard part but after that, it was very similar to normal.

Loot wise, Aza got Extinguished Ember of Galakras and Kyxyn took Krugruk's Rigid Shoulderplates for transmog in the future. Then we went to Iron Juggernaut for a look or two (or 6).  We didn't do brilliantly and we were plagued by bad connections (Asys came back and he said he was lagging) and so we called it a little early because it had been a really good night and I didn't want Iron Juggernaut frustration to be messing with our positive vibes from our Galakras kill.

Can you believe it Frostwolves? Two new heroic bosses this week!  That's so awesome!  I am sure that it's not going to be anything as good as this for the next few weeks - I foresee lots of wipes and not as much progress as this last month!


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