Raiding - A full clear of Flex this week! And considering some changes....

The guild we wanted to do Flex with wasn't organising their Flex on Saturday as two of the officers weren't on to organise it.  I still wanted my Garrosh kill so Kyxyn and I decided to form our own.

We managed to get enough from our guild and friends to make at least 10, but numbers soon swelled to 16 or so. It wasn't the best organised run we'd done - probably my fault because we didn't make sure that we gave instructions to all the tag-alongs how we run our raid. I will make sure I am really CLEAR about it next time.

Blackfuse was messy and slow, but it was ok.  Paragons was good because I got my achievement and nobody got Kunchonged.

But Garrosh to me felt a bit tense, and I didn't like it.  We had a few people join in then, which was annoying and we also had some people calling out things, which is a big no no in our raids usually.  Admittedly, one of the ideas was good (stacking in the last phase for MCs) but calling lust when we don't call lust irked Kyxyn and we felt awkward about telling them off.  Hobs, one of Rips friends came and I swear, he has never lived past the first Iron Star in any of the Garrosh flexes we did. He's a heroic raider!  How can that be! I had actually said he wasn't allowed to bring his crappy mage who does 60k dps so he brought his warrior who just dies all the time.  Kyxyn thought that he might have been doing it on purpose and said he wasn't allowed to come anymore. I THINK it was just lag, but Kyxyn was adamant that lag is the excuse of a crappy player who dies continuously to the same thing week after week. He felt that it was unfair that we run a Flex and we have to bring our mains but all these tag alongs bring their crappy alts.  And I can see his points.  Our guildies should be allowed to bring their alts to get gear, especially when we run it.  So, starting next week, we decided to change how we do Garrosh.  Mind you, we only wiped once, and we got it the second time, but it was one more wipe that we needed to have.

Sunday Flex was much more relaxed.  We had a HUGE turnout. Luxy's friend Bob brought his guild along to our flex so they could learn about the fights.  They've just starting with raiding and are up to Dark Shaman at the moment.  I did my usual opening flex talk outlining our rules and that everyone is here to have fun.  And OMG guess who joined us... CHIHAKO!  Chi is back (and just hit 90) but still on Dath'remar and I think he's considering coming over.  But, it was nice to see him and have another good player around - not sure if he's going to be tanking but that will help our numbers for WoD.  I am nervous, thinking about this Mythic raiding thing. It means we will have to run a few subs as well - like we do now - to make sure we can make things run smoothly. I hope that heroic raiding will just have our same attitude as our normal mode raiding and people will not turn into elitist asshats.  Well, it won't, not if I have anything to say about it.

So we did to Nazgrim, and then afterwards we had to do a huge cull so we could do Thok quickly... and we died on Spoils /facepalm.  Bad bombs.  But Thok was crazy easy and I was happy because I got my trinket, yay!  I hope it makes a difference to my healing, because I will miss the extra mana!

So, we are considering dumping the Sunday raiding and turning Flex into Saturday.  Two days of Flex is too much.  And now we can get a group, we can probably do 2 wings + wing 4, and with Saturday night being the weekend we can run a little late hopefully without having people worry about the work thing.  I don't think Concur will miss us - I think they want to raid on Saturdays now anyway.  We'll see how that goes - it will be nice to get some WoW time back that's not a raid.